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More Discrimination: Chicago Bar Bans Make America Great Again Hats

A rising trend of discrimination based on someone's political views is taking place in America and it is being perpetrated by the Left. Recently, there was a white man who was kicked out of a bar for wearing a Make America Great Again hat. White House Press secretary Sarah Sanders was harassed while eating at a restaurant and eventually kicked out by the restaurant's owner because she works for Trump. In case you want to know the name of the restaurant so you can avoid it, it's called "The Red Hen".

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Now, a bar in Chicago has banned Trump's signature "MAGA" hats altogether in order to maintain what it calls "a classy environment" because refusing patrons based on their political preferences is so "classy". The bar is called Replay Lincoln Park and announced the decision on Facebook which ignited a debate on the social media platform. I for one will be boycotting Replay Lincoln Park from here on out and I hope those who are against discrimination do the same.

Replay Lincoln Park's Facebook announcement read, "After much consternation and consideration and to maintain a ‘classy environment’, Replay Lincoln Park has implemented a new and strictly enforced dress code. No face tattoos, no specific hats, please see below. Let’s keep it classy Chicago. Sincerely, management." The post was accompanied by an image of a Make America Great Again hat and a man with a face tattoo.

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Replay Lincoln Park's owner Mark Kwiatkowski personally authored the post. He said in an interview with NBC 5, "I was just frustrated and I just kind of wanted to make somewhat of a statement. I felt like we did have an opportunity to say something that might draw some attention to this ugliness." Since making the post, the bar has not had to enforce the new rules. "I think what we would do is kindly ask them to remove [the hat] but we would let them in certainly and maybe have an opportunity to discuss all of this and see their opinions."

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Steve Jackson No. 29768 2018-06-26 : 09:43

I am OK with this….☺

THEY have set the acceptable standard.

No more Pink Hats, Obama T-shirts, Rainbow ribbons , LGBT wearing Liberals.

I can BAN Liberals now, an cite their own actions and Medias acceptance as policy.

JJ No. 29980 2018-06-29 : 00:53

I think that bar owner can shove his policy up his ass and I will spend my money in the the 300+ bars in the city of Chicago. I've walked passed his establishment and he's one step up from Denny's

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