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India - Delhi's Summer Sees Murder Over Water

The largest city in India and the nation's capital New Delhi has seen severe drought this summer causing tens of thousands of people to cut back on daily showers and laundry due to a shortage of water. Water has become such a commodity in the city of 20 million people that it has led to at least three deaths due to fighting over the precious resource.

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The country is projected to see its annual Monsoon rains this week in Delhi which will bring an end to the summer but India still faces one of the worst water crisis in its history. The crisis is so bad that millions of lives and livelihoods could be at risk according to a report by the Niti Aayog chaired by India's Prime Minister Modi.

A joint adviser at the Niti Aayoga named Avinash Mishra said, "We're in dire straights and we need to change our approach to tackle the crisis, otherwise the situation will become so grim that the shortages will knock down our GDP by 6 percentage points in over a decade." The water consumption of India is projected to be as high as 843 billion cubic meters by 2025 with only 695 currently available. By 2050 the country will need 1,180 billion cubic meters of water.

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Almost all of India's sectors are dependent on water, particularly agriculture which feeds two-thirds of the countries populace. The temperature in Delhi can reach as high as 45 degrees Celsius with most of the areas outside the main government districts suffering the worst. One report even predicts the country could run out of groundwater by 2020.

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> pajeets

> showering daily

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the water wars have begun!

Anonymous No. 30016 2018-06-29 : 12:58

They might run out of groundwater by 2020?!? The next wave of refugees are already setting the stage. Maybe if the country you live in has a hard time supporting the current population with items such as water it’s time to stop breeding. I see it like this… my country is miserable with even animals dying from dehydration, hard to grow crops in the dry sand so let’s just have a shitload of offspring and rely on aid from western countries! And while westerners are gracious enough to give help they will scam the elderly as level 300 Microsoft support techs to fix your wiruses as 2000 of them are attacking your ip network.

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