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The discovery of the remains of a teenage girl inside a barrel led to a several-hours-long stand-off between police and a man wanted for questioning. The teenage girl was identified as 16-year-old Larissa Beilby and her boyfriend, 34-year-old Zlatko Sikorsky is wanted in connection to her death. The death of the 16-year-old Craigslea State High School student has left her family shattered after it was confirmed to be her body that was found inside a barrel last week on the Gold Coast.

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Larissa's sister Deanna posted on Facebook Sunday saying, "With a broken heart shattered into more than a million pieces our family is utterly destroyed to inform you all that Larissa has been taken from us. Our beautiful girl has been reunited with our beloved wife and mother. Fly high our darling angel, until we see you again Rissy." The last time Larissa was seen alive was in the north Brisbane suburb of Sandgate on June 15. Larissa's father reported her missing Tuesday, the next day a body was discovered in a barrel on an abandoned ute.

The family held out hope despite reports that the body was Larissa's but on Saturday a formal identification came from police. Inspector Damien Hansen offered ongoing support for Larissa's family. "It will be devastating for them and we certainly are giving them all the support that we can and so too are counselors from the Queensland Homicide Victim support group," Hansen said.

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Larissa's 34-year-old boyfriend Zlatko Sikorsky has been charged with her murder after a nearly 24-hour stand-off between Sikorsky and police on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Inspector Hansen told reporters that Sikorsky had been in a relationship with the teen, but did not comment on a motive for the killing. "I will say it's a very unique set of facts," Hansen said. "He's not cooperating at this stage. He's in the watch-house, he's been charged and he'll be spoken to again."

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>34 year old man

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"…inside a barrelled…" was just the first of SEVERAL grammatical errors you made in this 'story', Kyle. You stupid fucking illiterate IDIOT. [email protected] 'inside a BARRELLED'!!!… you fucking dumbass.

Anonymous No. 30138 1530450490

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tab No. 30141 1530453126

some of those commenting here need to be put in a barrel….

did the family know that she was dating a 34yo man? what can possibly go wrong?

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WTF is that roosky doing with that kid? The father should of put a Chopper Read on that scumbag.

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The feral comments on this thread should be deleted. Show some respect. Imagine this was your daughter.

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Yes I agree! As there is no moderation or Report button in these threads it only goes to lessen this site and owner…

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