By: Savannah Smith | 07-01-2018 | News
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Indianapolis: Baby Dies After Choking on Balloon

A mother from Indianapolis wants to give a strong warning to other parents based on her own tragic experience after her baby choked to death on a balloon.

Katie Chamberlain and her four boys were just casually but excitedly filling up water balloons when her 9-month-old son Justin accidentally swallowed one.

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The mother said the baby immediately started to turn blue so she rushed over to give him CPR but it proved to be too late.

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The heartbroken mother said: “It was just so fast. I couldn’t even get to him fast enough before the balloon was gone and he couldn’t breathe anymore.”

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Doctors say balloons are one of the most deadly choking hazards for children.

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The sad loss, however, could have been avoidable had the adults exercised extra caution in ensuring that the baby didn’t get to hold a balloon. It is tragic that a children’s favorite plaything such as a balloon can lead to death; it’s sadder knowing it could have easily been prevented.


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Anonymous No. 30133 2018-07-01 : 12:56


According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, each year over 100,000 children under age 4 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries, and 17 children die. Approximately one-third of the deaths result from choking; and one-third of the choking deaths result from latex balloons. THIS IS NOT NEWS!!

ILUVBRATZANDMYLARZ No. 30139 2018-07-01 : 13:39

When I see a Rubber Balloon I becomes angry and want to shot the latex balloon but I am very happy when I see a Mylar Foil Balloon. to me Latex Balloons are fake and Mylar is real balloons.

tab No. 30146 2018-07-01 : 14:16

what a tragic loss for the family and for the white race.

Anonymous No. 30147 2018-07-01 : 14:28

Getting a head start on snorting condoms and eating tide pods, he washed out early.

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