By: Savannah Smith | 07-01-2018 | News
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Florida - Professor Arrested for Stalking Student, Sending Her 800 Texts a Day

A Florida college professor relentlessly stalked a student, creepily following her around and messaging her hundreds of times a day.

The police report identifies the stalker as 39-year-old Ali Borj, an assistant computer science professor at the University of Central Florida. Borj was arrested at his on-campus office and charged with two misdemeanor stalking counts.

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The victim shared to the police that she met Borj last June while she was working on her Ph.D. She admitted that they dated for a brief time before she decided to stop going out with the professor.

Authorities say Borj, however, persisted in pursuing the student by continuing to message her and seeking her out in person. So pesky had Borj become that he sent his victim over 800 messages a day, some of which are described as “extremely disturbing.”

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One of the messages Borj sent read: “You should be happy that somebody likes you this much to stalk you.” Another went: “’You think I am sick and I may be! But I still love you.”

Investigators say the professor went so overboard that he even told the victim that he would create an artificial intelligence of her so she could “do anything he wanted.”

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The woman found Borj’s behavior so disturbing that she eventually decided to move out of state last fall just to get away from him. But when she returned for the spring semester, the professor continued his stalking.

The University says Borj has resigned. They have also banned him from the campus.

Borj was being held on $1,000 bail. No lawyer was listed for him based on jail records.

The authorities decided not to release the victim’s identity.


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