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Malaysia - Global Disgust As Imam Weds 11-Year-Old Thai As Third Wife

The south-east Asian nation of Malaysia was the recipient of global social media condemnation after a 41-year-old self-declared Imam gladly announced that he would be taking the 11-year-old daughter of an impoverished employee as his third wife.

Mr. Che Abdul Karim, who considers himself to be the imam of Kampung Lalang village in Kuala Betis, Malaysia, said he had taken on the girl as another wife given that the parents were cash-strapped and his mother already worked for him.

In an astonishing move, the illegal union became known after the man’s second wife, 34-years-old, posted a photograph of the pair on social media congratulating the happy new couple. The caption read: “Selamat pengantin baru suamiku. Suami 41, maduku 11 (Congratulations on your wedding, my husband, 41, his other wife, 11).”

The post was deleted after it went viral. Local media, faced with the global condemnation, reported that the girl’s parents had agreed on the condition it would be a “nikah gantung” (suspended marriage), meaning that the Imam would wait until she turned 16 before he would ‘live together as husband and wife.’

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Asked about the new wedding, Mr Karim said: “I know that my third wife is only 11 years old, that she does not attend school and that she has to reach the age of 16 for us to live together. Ayu agrees to this too.”

As social media speaks of Malaysian pedophiles, many in the nation have called upon authorities to act.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Che Abdul Karim is A PAEDOPHILE by any standard.. certainly Not a Muslim.. Worst than A Gay or Lesbian &amp; yet the <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#malaysiabaharu</a> Gov&#39;t don&#39;t Prosecute Him! Not A Whisper from Council of Rulers or Agung! What A Tragedy in Modern Msia! <a href="">@drwanazizah</a> <a href="">@netraKL</a> <a href="">@malaysiakini</a></p>&mdash; The Sunny (@Exile48M) <a href="">July 1, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Mr. Karim’s second wife, who posted the story on social media first, was interviewed soon after by local newspaper The Star Online. she claims: “I never expected this to actually happen.”

“If he marries a woman and not a child, I can accept it. I even tried to match-make him with another woman but he declined. What angers me is he married my child’s friend.”

“There is no use for this marriage to go on. I will go to the religious office tomorrow.”

“We’ve tried calling and texting him to settle our relationship but he’s not answering.”


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Anonymous No. 30230 2018-07-02 : 09:31

Leave it to some old whore to try and fuck things up. She didn't release this to the internet because it's morally wrong. If she cared about morals, she wouldn't be a Muslim. She posted this because, once again, ol' granny gets upset that youth wins every single time. Give me a break.

Anonymous No. 30233 2018-07-02 : 11:39

Remember Liberals this is the same country Mr. Obama was raised and educated in for what be his base for customs, morals and etc….

tab No. 30238 2018-07-02 : 12:21

where's the outrage at the xtian god who fucked a 14yo girl to "save humanity from original sin"?

religion is shit.

Whitey No. 30258 2018-07-02 : 18:49

A radical muslim is a what? A fucking muslim, period. They are all in on it.

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