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Radical Muslim Arrested as FBI Stops Detailed Fourth of July Terrorist Attack in Cleveland

Law enforcement agencies in Cleveland, Ohio say they've prevented a radicalized Islamic Al-Qaeda sympathizer from carrying out a premeditated major terrorist attack in the northern Ohio region.

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48-year-old Demetrius Nathaniel Pitts was taken into custody on Sunday after expressing his loyalty to the Al-Qaeda Islamic terror network, in which he swore allegiance to kill as many Americans as possible including patriots serving in the United States of America's Armed Forces and their families who were to be in attendance for Cleveland’s Fourth of July parade and festivities.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Stephen Anthony said that Pitts, who now goes by the Islamic name of Abdur Raheem Rahfeeq, is facing multiple charges including attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, after a prolonged undercover investigation by the FBI was able to corner Pitts into admitting his master plan.

During a conversation with an undercover FBI Agent, Pitts detailed his ploy to launch a terrorist attack at Cleveland’s Voinovich Park, where the city of Cleveland plans to perform its annual fireworks ceremony as part of the celebration.

Pitts also told the agent he would “kill as many local and federal law enforcement officers as possible,” in his plan for a Fourth of July massacre to paint the streets of Cleveland red with the blood of patriots during the nation's Independence Day.

According to the FBI, Pitts also carried out reconnaissance missions to scout nearby military installations including a US Coast Guard facility in Downtown Cleveland, as well as several federal buildings.

“His Facebook posts, quite frankly, were disturbing,” Special Agent in Charge Stephen Anthony said amidst a crowd of reporters. ”They included verbiage that had words to the effect: ‘We, as Muslims, need to start training like this every day, we to know how to shoot guns, throw hand grenades, hand-to-hand combat.”

FBI investigators working the case learned that Pitts has several previous criminal convictions for aggravated robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, as well as domestic assault; and shows little regard for the laws of the United States of America.

His social media posts include a violent hatred towards the United States of America, where he's threatened members of the Armed Forces, even graphically explaining his desire to mutilate their corpses upon death.

Pitts is a sick and twisted Islamic terrorist, who was shut down before he could complete his promise of Jihad on American soil.

Back in May, Pitts moved from the Greater Cincinnati region into Northern Ohio, where he planned to fulfill the goals of the radical Islamic ideological mantra he devoted his life to, before last week confessing the specifics of his plan in Cleveland to the undercover FBI Agent who had worked his way into gaining Pitts’ trust.

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“I did tell myself that their holiday is coming up, the Fourth of July, Independence Day,” Pitts said in a conversation with the agent. “What would hit them in the core?”

On Sunday, Pitts met with the FBI Agent where he specifically stated his desire to inflict <i>maximum damage</i>, laying out the steps to fulfill his goal in full details.

There was a van parked near St. John's Cathedral, in which Pitts had stressed to fill with highly combustible explosive materials, that he planned to detonate into a crowd of Cleveland residents destroying nearby buildings and leaving mass casualties.

The FBI says Pitts also planned to use remote-controlled cars jam-packed with similar explosives, that would be loaded with shrapnel similar to what Islamic terrorist place into Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in war zones, that are used to kill or maim as many people within the radius of the explosion as possible.

A twisted mentality no doubt, Pitts planned to hand out the explosives-laced remote control cars to children in attendance at the parade, where they would then be detonated killing the child and countless dozens surrounding the blast radius.

The perverse and destructive mindset of Pitts is the exemplary stance of the average radical Muslim, who through taqiyya would lie to the masses and inside rage with contempt and a desire to kill all who stand in the way of Islam.

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Pitts is a Philadelphia native, prior to his arrival in Ohio, and also expressed a desire to see attacks carried out in his native region as soon as the Cleveland attack were fulfilled.

A court hearing is set for Pitts before a federal magistrate on Monday, where he faces 20 years imprisonment if convicted of the charges the government has brought against him.

All Americans have to ask themselves two keynote questions in regards to radical Islamic terror, and those answers should allow them to come to a conclusion as per the dangers of Islam versus the desire from the Democratic Party’s elite to protect this dangerous ideological viewpoint.

One, why is Pitts only facing twenty years in prison? Should this type of plan not require an instant death sentence to save taxpayers funding and remove this evil from the face of the earth?

Two, why is Islam not outright profiled? Democrats and social justice warriors are responsible for coining the terminology related to “Islamophobia,” when in reality Islam itself poses a threat to the safety and security of all Americans.

There are no benefits of Islam in America. Islam is dangerous, and most Americans distrust the ideology in general.

Contact your elected officials and express your concerns about the dangers of Islam.

<a href="">Click here to find your elected officials in the House of Representatives.</a>

<a href="">Click here to find your elected officials in the United States Senate.</a>

For Pitts, and all radical Islamic terrorists who would threaten the lives of the brave men and women in uniform, in both the Armed Forces and law enforcement, as well as having expressed a desire to kill innocent children; <i>may you burn in hell wrapped in ten-thousand pieces of bacon.</i>

Thank you, FBI.

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Anonymous No. 30256 2018-07-02 : 18:22

we are constantly told these people are peaceful and just want a better life for their family's but shown repeatedly they are violent animals that want to turn the greatest country in the world to a 3rd world shithole.

Whitey No. 30257 2018-07-02 : 18:32

What is a “radical muslim”? A muslim, period, they are all in on it.

tab No. 30261 2018-07-02 : 19:10

one of Obama's radicalized henchmen….

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