By: Savannah Smith | 07-03-2018 | News
Photo credit: Mark Hough

California - Bear ''Visits'' Home, Takes a Hot Tub Dip, Sips Margarita

An uninvited “visitor” took the liberty of enjoying the lush home of a man in Altadena, California. For a few hours, the unwanted guest enjoyed the backyard, the hot tub, and even took a sip or two of the cocktail the host left behind. This surprise visitor comes with a measure of danger as well: a bear, which apparently, knows the “’good life.”

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The intrusion for homeowner Mark Hough started one Friday afternoon while he was just enjoying his margarita when he heard twigs snapping and leaves rustling in his backyard. He dismissed the noise as sounds of his neighbor merely pottering next door.

To his surprise, when he looked over, Hough saw a bear climbing up his fence. And that was just the start of the rest of his afternoon with the unwanted visitor.

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Hough went inside his house after spotting the bear, but lo and behold, when he came back out, he saw the furry intruder “bobbling away in the Jacuzzi enjoying himself” as if it’s the most natural thing to do.

Instead of finding a way to immediately drive away the intruder, Hough decided to record on video the strange activity.

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Mark Hough had barely taken a sip of his Friday afternoon margarita when the bear decided to visit him.

He captured the bear lolling in the unheated hot tub with the jets on. The animal even played with the chlorinator and tossed the thermometer in the air.

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Hough said he seems to be playing it up for the camera, acting if as if he was having a grand old time.

The bear’s dip lasted only a few minutes. But after climbing out of the tub, he went over to the left-over margarita, knocked it over and then lapped it.

Hough just let the bear be. But an hour later, he saw that his guest still had some unfinished business as he saw the bear sleeping in the tree. Hough said in amusement: “So he had his margarita, he had his Jacuzzi, and now he’s ready for an hour nap.”

After enjoying some of the facilities and other amenities his home has to offer, the intruder left on its own, hustling away down the street.

Bear romping in homes is a normal occurrence in the community. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Joana Warren said the department received six bear-sighting calls that Friday alone, but failed to catch any.


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Whitey No. 30331 2018-07-03 : 22:44

It was an illegal mexican in a bear suit, they are very crafty.

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