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Florida Secret Recordings: Progressive Teacher Calls 5-Year-Old a ‘Loser’

A mother’s instincts told her something was not quite right with her 5-year-old son by the second week of school last fall. He had poor grades, didn’t want to go to school and more worrisome was that one time they were doing his homework together, and the child just blurted that he was a “bad boy.”

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That remark confirmed to Kandy Escotto that something could be bothering her boy. When she pressed, 5-year-old Aaron admitted that his teacher tells him he is a bad boy whenever he doesn’t do his school work.

Concerned, the mother complained to Banyan Elementary School Principal Cheri Davis about Rosalba Suarez. But the principal only told Escotto that to believe her bullying issues with the 33-year old Suarez, who was named teacher of the year this year at the school in Westchester, she needed proof. It was then that Escotto decided to buy a recorder and placed it inside her child’s backpack.

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She recorded four days worth of classes and studiously listened to 32 hours of audio. That’s when she heard horrifying things his teacher has been telling Aaron.

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The mother heard Suarez humiliating her son and another classmate, calling them “loser.” The teacher also blamed Aaron for how his mom supposedly was driving her crazy. She also ostracized the little boy for not correctly learning how to bubble in a test. All these Escotto learned from the recordings.

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At one point, when Aaron said he didn't want to participate in class, Suarez is heard on the secret recording saying, "I don't care, don't do it, you think I care? Whatever your mom wants to see, honey, whatever your mom wants to see, you tell me what she wants to see a nice job or she wants to see a loser's job."

Escotto is upset that a teacher would speak to her child, or any child for that matter, like that. She said: "For me to hear the things that she was saying to him. She picked him out, she singled him out, she humiliated him in front of the whole class. She talked about me in front of him. No 5-year-old should be able to go through that. That affected my family, affected him."

When confronted, Suarez denied what Escotto heard in the recordings. The teacher even accused the mother of lying.

Escotto hired a lawyer to deal with the matter, since both the teacher and the principal are no longer responding to her complaints. Attorney Sonia Roca argues the recording is legal as the classroom is a public space.

Roca put the district on notice of the mother's claim with a certified letter in November.

Escotto said the school's principal only offered to transfer Aaron to another class. Escotto reluctantly agreed even as she believes that Aaron wasn't the problem. But since the transfer to another class and under a different teacher, Aaron’s grades improved from F’s to excellent.

Sstill, Escotto feels that Suarez should be held accountable for her actions and should be given sanctions. The Miami-Dade County school district has opened an investigation into the matter.


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Anonymous No. 30532 2018-07-06 : 01:03

Here’s some Hispanic teacher taking away what she perceived was this little boys so called white privilege. Now they threw the towel in once they were caught being discriminatory towards him and just all of a sudden he gets all F’s to excellent. Sheeet this bitch is sitting with her liberal co-workers every morning up on her soapbox saying “see the white privilege? Now the white kid gets excellent’s just cause his mom made my life hell and if you try anything she’ll do the same to you”

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