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Photo credit: Sibuya Game Reserve

South Africa - Three Rhino Poachers Eaten By Lions

Well, it seems karma had her way when three men in South Africa decided to go Rhino poaching. The men were illegally hunting and the local lion pride didn't take too kindly to the trio. The owner of Sibuya Game Reserve says the three men were eaten by lions and among their remains was Rhino poaching gear.

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A Ranger for the park was taking guests on a safari drive at the reserve Tuesday when he discovered human remains in close proximity to a pride of lions. The owner of the reserve is Nick Fox and he told NBC News, "We suspect two were killed, possibly three." All that remained of the would-be poachers was an ax, shoes, and gloves.

An Anti-poaching unit along with local police arrived at the scene. Their preliminary investigation revealed that the lions were reportedly making noise in the early hours of Monday morning. Fox indicated the ax confirmed their suspicions as to the intentions of the three men who were without a doubt there to poach Rhinos. Poachers use an ax to remove the rhino's horn after it is killed.

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Fox issued a statement on Facebook saying, "As it was already dark it was not possible to investigate the area until first light at which time we arranged for our vet to dart the entire pride of lions so that Police forensic teams assisted by our Anti-poaching unit could comb the immediate area for clues. At this stage, it is not clear exactly how many poachers were killed but the Police forensic team continue to investigate."

The South African plains are home to over 80 percent of the world's rhino population making them a potential source of income for destitute villagers. At the same time, the lives of the Rhinos are preserved by the Sibuya Game Reserve and used for big game conservation efforts. States from the South African government reveal over 1,000 rhinos were killed in the country last year alone.

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Anonymous No. 30554 2018-07-06 : 09:54

Sweet!! Poach endangered animals and end up a pile of lion shit.

joe No. 30574 2018-07-06 : 15:39

wow! to bad we cant learn from all our mistakes! but others can!

Tab No. 30587 2018-07-06 : 21:52

i'll betcha it hurt real bad. lol….

they should throw all poachers to these lions.

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