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Australia - Shock As Father Kills His Teenage Children

A father in Sydney committed the unspeakable act of planning and executing the murder of his own teenage children. 68-year-old John Edwards shot his teenage daughter Jennifer, 13, and her 15-year-old brother Jack in a "planned and premeditated" attack on Thursday.

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Community members and family left flowers, candles and cards "in loving memory" of Jennifer and Jack near their home where police tape still cordons off the West Pennant Hills residence. The investigators still working the scene at the residence served as a grim reminder of the ongoing police investigation into the terrible travesty that took place there.

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Friday, police released the first images of Edward's now-deceased smiling teenage children who lived with their mother since their parent's marriage fell apart several years ago. Investigators are working to piece together the events that transpired at the home in Sydney where Edwards carried out his "planned and premeditated" attack. The teens were shot to death by their father in a bedroom at their home on Hull Road at West Pennant Hills around 5:20 p.m. Thursday.

A neighbor of Edwards named Juliette Hackett said she did not know the family well but the teenagers "had their challenges". Hackett said, "I feel very sad that John felt that there was no alternative than the horrific thing he did." The acting Assistant Commissioner Brett McFadden indicated they are still unsure exactly how events unfolded but that they are certain the attack was meticulously planned. Shortly after killing the teens, Edwards took his own life.

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Edwards was involved in a battle for custody over the teens with their mother Olga Edwards, 36. The custody battle lasted two years after their marriage broke down. Police say two "quite powerful" handguns registered in Edwards name sometime in 2018 were used to shoot and kill the children. Investigators also recovered a number of other firearms belonging to Edwards. Mrs. Edwards returned to the home shortly after the shooting and was treated for severe shock by paramedics.

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Tab No. 30620 2018-07-07 : 13:25

he should have shot his wife's divorce attorney instead.

Anonymous No. 30631 2018-07-07 : 17:16

looks like he race mixed with an asian, look at their eyes, they look nothing like him

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