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Australia - Perth Cops To Be Armed With AR-15's To Combat "Active Shooter" Attacks

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Police in Australia patrolling the streets of Perth are set to be armed with state-of-the-art semi-automatic AR-15 rifles. The police department expects to receive the rifles by early spring in an attempt to combat terrorism and "active shooter" attacks. A total of 120 officers from the regional operations group which was recently expanded are being trained to use the new rifles.

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The AR-15s will be secured in the group's vehicles within new locked boxes so they can be readily available at a moments notice. Police Commissioner Chris Dawson confirmed the department expects to complete the training and equipping of the AR-15s by the end of September. Dawson said, "I’ve personally seen the training underway and I’ve seen the fitout that has occurred with our mobile vehicles. I’m very pleased with the progress they’re making, so having spoken to both the trainers and those officers in the regional operations group and our tactical response group who are working very closely together on this, our milestone for September … is on target."

As of now, only TRG officers and a select few police stations in the region of WA are equipped with AR-15s. The group set to receive the new weaponry is the regional operations group which is based at Neerabup, Warwick, and Rockingham. Dawson spoke before Parliament saying, "Although the Australian public terrorist threat alert is listed as probable, it is very important that aside from the normal policing that goes with our duty, we must also ensure that we have a full capability for any matters that might touch on active armed-shooter situations or indeed countering any terrorism."

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The WA Police Union offered evidence to a parliamentary inquiry late last month that said its members had been asking to be equipped with AR-15 rifles. WA Police Union President George Tilbury expressed concern about how quickly the TRG would be able to respond to terror incidents without the proper equipment. AR-15s offer a bullet velocity of 900 meters a second and has an effective range of 200 meters.

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