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Model Bitten By Shark in the Bahamas During Photo Shoot

A model was having the time of her life basking in the waters of Staniel City in the Bahamas a few weeks ago with her boyfriend and his family when the lovely trip took a dangerous and potentially life-threatening incident when she was bitten by a shark.

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Katarina Zarutskie, also a nursing student, grew up loving the waters and is not a bit scared of sharks- until that scary experience. She said: “I grew up surfing, and sharks don’t scare me. And nurse sharks are normally harmless.”

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She didn’t have second thoughts then to swim with the sharks during their Bahamas vacation even as her confidence in not getting hurt in the process is not shared by her boyfriend’s family. The model shared: “My boyfriend’s family was freaking out when I went to swim with the sharks and I was like, “It’s fine.”

Her confidence was bolstered by the fact that the locals were feeding the sharks and said it was safe to swim with them. So Zarutskie jumped in.

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She wasn’t quite prepared for what happened next. As she swum, a shark approached her with a focus on her outstretched arm. Her boyfriend’s dad was snapping photos then that he probably thinks are “instgrammable” and documented the horrifying next scenes.

The 5-foot shark then chomped on Zarutskie’s wrist. Luckily she was able to wrestle her arm out just in the nick of time. She said she considers herself lucky because the other sharks didn’t attack her even if their kind is known for “pack mentality.” Zarutskie added that nurse sharks’ esophagus are like a vacuum, and that “it could been really bad.”

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Her horrors didn’t end there, as shortly after the shark pulls Katarina into the water. But good thing she had the will, strength and quick mind to free herself from the shark’s grasp and emerge out of the water with some shark bites but still in good shape and in one piece.

She shared: “It felt like 10 people squeezing my arm really hard and the shark pulled me under water. I honestly think adrenaline kicked in. I dive, and I knew I needed to get my hand out. I ripped my wrist out in a certain way and I put my arm above my head immediately so the blood didn’t hit the water. I was happy when I got out of the water.”

She was treated by doctors back in Florida. She received stitches and antibiotics and continue to see doctors- still a relief considering things could have been a lot worse, if not fatal.


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