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UK - PM May Reveals Trump’s ‘Brexit’ Advice: “He Told Me I Should Sue The EU” (Video)

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After a tumultuous week for British Prime Minister Theresa May, her latest appearance on the Sunday morning ‘Andrew Marr Show’ may have truly blown the UK’s last chance of getting a good trade deal with the US.

Allow us to recap what happened. On Monday, Brexit Minister Mr David Davis resigned from the Tory government after he failed to find PM May’s Brexit plan for future negotiations with the EU ‘pleasing’ enough for him to continue his task.

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Foreign Minister Mr Boris Johnson resigned earlier that day, stating that he as a firm believer of Brexit did not find what the party was suggesting as a negotiating tactic in the interest of the people that vote to cut ties with the EU.

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PM Ms May thanked them both for services rendered, replaced them and travelled to Brussels for a NATO meeting.

On Thursday, as US President Mr Trump arrived in the UK, he gave a telling interview with British tabloid ‘The Sun’ in which he claimed that given the current Brexit negotiations, any future chance of a good trade deal with the US was off.

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However, during a joint press conference with PM May after watching a military exercise on Friday morning, POTUS stated that the Sun’s interview should be disqualified as ‘fake news’ and that he had offered a ‘bold suggestion’ to Ms May for dealing with the EU, hoping probably that she would keep the advice to herself.

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And so, Prime Minister Theresa May, who stands accused this week of choosing the side of the Remain camp and thus be more pro-EU, arrived on the British version of a US Sunday Politics talk show, hosted, as it has been for the past decades, by Mr Andrew Marr.

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After seeing a clip of the joint news conference, Mr Marr asked her: “Okay, the whole country wants to know, Prime Minister, what was that brutal tough suggestion?”

Ms May: “He told me I should sue the EU.”

Mr Marr: “Sue the EU?”

Ms May: “Sue them. Not go into negotiations, just sue them, actually. But interestingly, what the President also said at that press conference was don’t walk away. Don’t walk away from negotiations because then you’re stuck.”


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JonHumanity transvestigation proves Teresa May is a man. Wake up.

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