By: Savannah Smith | 07-19-2018 | News
Photo credit: Shelby Co., Tenn. Sheriff's Department

Tennessee - Guy Steals His Date’s Car Then Takes Another Girl Out

It was a date from hell for one Tennessee woman as the man did not only scammed her by stealing her car, he even had the gall to use her vehicle to date another woman whom she knows right after abandoning her at a gas station.

Faith Pugh shared that the date was off to a bad start when she was surprised to find out that her date on Saturday, Kelton Griffin-whom she knew from high school- did not even bring his own car. He was just dropped off to their meeting place.

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Still, the trusting lady was willing to let that go and go on with the date in the hopes that things could only improve. It would only worsen, though, as she would shockingly and disappointingly find out later.

Riding Pugh’s black Volvo, Griffin didn’t have a clear plan on where to bring his date. The pair decided to stop by first at an Airport Air gas station. Grifin had the gall to ask his date to go inside the gas station and get him a cigar.

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Pugh, apparently very patient that night, agreed. It proved to be a huge mistake, just like her decision to go out with the guy in the first place. By the time Pugh emerged from the gas station with his date’s cigar she even most likely paid for, she was shocked to find him and her car gone.

Pugh recalled: “He drove off. I came outside and my car was gone.”

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Good thing, Pugh’s mother was quick to come to her daughter’s rescue. She picked up Pugh. As if disappointing surprises from her date could not get any worse, she received a text from her Godsister telling her that Griffin asked her out on a date just then.

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Pugh encouraged her Godsister to go on a date with him and inform her of their location. Pugh used the GPS on her God sister’s phone to follow the car-stealing Griffin, before briefly losing him, then finding him again at a drive-in movie theater on Summer Avenue.

It was even her Godsister who paid for the drive-in as Griffin just didn’t have money with him. That’s also where Pugh caught him.

Police arrested Griffin that same night. It turns out it wasn’t the first time he tried to pull off a criminal act. In 2016, police said Griffin and two other male companions ate out at a restaurant before robbing the establishment.

Pugh said she can only hope he stays in jail as she never wants to see her date from hell ever again.


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