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Los Angeles - Illegal Immigrants Throw Feces At Jewish Cafe, Media Silent

Immigrants flocking to California's sanctuary cities are pushing out local businesses using their ethnic and illegal status. The rising tensions and the rapidly gentrifying enclave in Los Angeles tried to impede on the constitutional rights of another individual seeking to open a new coffee shop. The illegals who populate the section of the city so the owner's support of President Donald Trump's immigration policy is justification for running him out of the neighborhood.

Protesters Thursday screamed and held signs at patrons in front of Asher Caffe & Lounge located at 945 S. Boyle Ave. in Boyle Heights. The area is a traditionally Jewish neighborhood that is now predominately Latinos and illegals. Israeli-born businessman Asher Shalom said, "So what’s the connection? This is what I don’t understand. I’m confused — the connection between Donald Trump and good coffee."

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The kosher cafe was scheduled to have its grand opening on July 12 but it was met by anti-gentrification activists and Los Angeles Police officers blocking the entrance. At least %30 of protesters are associated with the group Defend Boyle Heights (DBH) and showed up to speak against Shalom. They called Shalom "an anti-immigrant Trump loving gentrifier" in a Facebook post. The groups Facebook page is plastered with calls to get pro-Trump supporters "the fuck out of our hood!" and many other threats of violent action yet why is Facebook not banning them under their hate speech policy?

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Please take a moment to report this Facebook page for harassment as it clearly violates Facebook's community standards policy about hate speech and using the platform to organize violence. The shop owner Shalom's son David said, "They really intensely protested and accosted all the visitors that came to our grand opening event." Shalom’s daughter Yael said, "It was very scary. There was a lot of people protesting outside wearing masks […] and they threw a significant amount of feces at our windows."

The Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce president Jennifer Lahoda said the views expressed on the Facebook page and at the grand opening by protesters "are not in line with the values and objectives of the Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce."

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"Boyle Heights thrives because of our diverse immigrant population — The Chamber will always celebrate and support this fact. We will not support anyone who chooses to conduct themselves in a hateful manner, especially toward members of our community," Lahoda added.

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Jeff Allen No. 31772 2018-07-20 : 02:38

Sometimes I think it would be nice if a lefty caught in the act of pulling this type of $h?t would have a baseball bat laid up into the side of their head. Butt mudd is a bio-hazard and dangerous and should be considered a weapon that one can defend themselves against.

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