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Marc Martin Knowingly Violates Tennessee Law In Campaign

For most of my life, Jackie Matheny was the Sheriff of Warren County. This year, however, there will "be a new Sheriff in town" as the old saying goes. Marc Martin is one of the candidates. This is not an endorsement, because I can not endorse a candidate who knowingly breaks the law from the start, especially if their position is to be to uphold the law.

When I noticed that Marc Martin was using deputies in many of his campaign videos and photos, I decided to do the right thing and point out that it was against the law to do so:

<blockquote>Just wanted to point out you might want to pull any pictures of deputies (or other public employees) publicly campaigning for you. Technically it's a violation of the TCA. I'm sure this was not done purposefully, but still a good idea.

this was clarified in a TN AG opinion from 2006:


Under Tenn. Code Ann. § 38-8-351, no employee of a sheriff’s office who is a “law enforcement officer” may campaign for the sheriff or any other candidate for public office while on duty. Whether other employees may engage in these activities while on duty would depend on applicable private acts and the personnel policy or other policies adopted in the particular county.

Wed 1:32am

I notice that you still have the pictures on the page.

"No employee of the sheriff's office shall make any public endorsement of any candidate in any campaign for elected office. "

It said that as your campaign you hold no one above the law. Does that include yourself?

FYI, Facebook tells me when a message has been seen, regardless though ignorance of the law is not a defense. But I'm sure you knew that already.</blockquote>

I might point out the fact that in all cases, even well after midnight the messages were nearly instantly "seen" but to this day have not been responded to. Mr. Martin says his position is that no one should be held above the law. Evidently, this does not include Marc Martin and his deputies. To me, that's a frightening prospect. A lawless law enforcement force that holds others to standards it won't hold itself to is no good for anyone (but itself perhaps).

Equally disturbing is Martin's "bedside manner" as per a mother from Warren County. She went to school with Mr. Martin and tells me how she was personally threatened with arrest when she asked for information on her daughter's missing person's report. She never received an apology from Martin for that harrowing experience she was put through. She had reported a juvenile missing person on Wednesday for her 15-year-old daughter.

This was in 2011, this mother was concerned about her daughter ending up around the wrong people. Sadly, that's exactly what would happen two years later in 2013.

"She was killed in a wreck in 2013 at the age of 17. She snuck out for what was suppose to be a quick trip that I might would never notice. She got in the vehicle with the wrong people. Namely, a high driver who had been asking her out. He wrecked on purpose, stopped, then sped through a field going over three football fields before hitting a tree uprooting it. She got all impact where the driver insisted she sit after moving a passenger to the back. She wasn’t even gone an hour and he killed her. She walked outside home at 8:09 and the wreck was at approximately 8:40. She didn’t live but a few minutes at the scene. I felt something at the time of the wreck. I looked for her for 2 1/2 hours even contacting the law. There was no connection of the wreck on her missing until I contacted the law again on my way to hospital after word of her friend dying in a wreck. It wasn’t her friend that died. It was my Ashlyn and I already knew she was dead or about dead. She had communicated through telepathy shortly after my police report.

This is why it’s so important for them to take a missing juvenile seriously and stop only serving some of the people in this town.

I had to hear from the same officer that I made a police report that it was the blonde that died. I yelled 'she is blonde!' I knew but I begged for it not to be true.

Her body was being transported to the hospital so when the officer refused to tell me anything after saying he was going to double check information he had us follow him extremely slowly to RiverPark. I was taken into the chapel and as they took me I was asking why we were going into the chapel. I knew what they were going to tell me yet hearing it made it so final.

I do not wish this pain on another.

I left the jail that time she was missing being escorted to the door after being threatened and without a case number. I will go to my grave telling the truth about these crooked people in this town!"

"I think this was in 2011. A missing persons/juvenile runaway was reported on that Wednesday. They just went to two places I’d already been asking questions but that was it. Missing and Exploited Children’s was helpful and had me send them a photo and information about her. She was around 15 years old at the time I think. I caught her smoking and she thought I was on phone with her probation officer about it and she was going to get sent off. She panicked and ran. She was on probation for missing school I believe. I wanted her back home asap and was very distraught looking for her. At first, I thought she’d just come back home but then when she didn’t that was where I feared who she was with and what she was doing. Plus how far she would go. She was a very pretty attractive blonde headed girl. I feared her getting around the wrong person."

I know I have personally been hassled in McMinnville for doing nothing other than looking like my familiarly suspicious self. Up to no good, other than what good I can get around to doing in my off-time. This is a theme I see over and over again, not only in McMinnville and Warren County but in missing persons cases from Coffee County and elsewhere in the vicinity. It seems some small town cops would much rather hassle a pedestrian than go find a missing person.

This mother feels a part of the situation was sheer laziness and lack of caring on the part of the officers, including Martin who personally threatened her with arrest when she came in distraught over her missing daughter. Kudos to officer Bo Ramsey, an investigator with the department who did apologize for this situation. When her daughter ended up returning back in 2011 the department was upset that she didn't notify them as soon as she returned.

"I was treated horribly and they wanted me to contact them?! It's insane!"

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Anonymous No. 31962 2018-07-21 : 17:45

(Continuation) simply look up liberal Patton Oswald and his wonderful outlook on Jews and pedophilia. it's simply typical of the trash called liberal. Or apparently "cultural libertarian".

Anonymous No. 31977 2018-07-21 : 21:48

Not surprsing. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

Anonymous No. 32038 2018-07-23 : 09:36

>>31961 Dozer, I am a Christian, you know what else is a sin and an abomination? Legalism, judgement and wearing blended linen. And according to the Bible I read "all sin is the same in the eyes of the Lord." By preaching hate YOU are a stumbling block. I certainly don't support pedophilia and sex trafficking. If you had read my articles (many related to the pedophile agenda and sex trafficking). One of the greatest compliments I've received in the past is when a non-Christian is talking to me and after a while I bring up my faith and they tell me they're surprised I'm a Christian because all the Christians they know are hateful and judgemental. It's ironic too, seeing as Jesus taught us not to judge, that only God can judge and that God is love. So many Christians not only astray themselves preaching hate but turning others against the religion of Jesus that brings me peace.

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