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A lawsuit was levied against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Thursday by California and 14 other states over its decision to suspend Obama administration rule that limited pollution from trucks. The fifteen states claim the decision by Trump's EPA was illegal and could put thousands of additional highly polluting trucks on the roads.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and the EPA has declined due to pending litigation. The rule at the center of the dispute limited production of heavy-duty freight trucks outfitted with older engines that don't meet today's emissions standards. An EPA official did release a memo saying the suspension was in the public's best interest and would avoid disruption to the small businesses that make the trucks.

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Former EPA Chief Scott Pruitt called Obama administration's ban on the older truck engines an example of regulatory overreach that "threatened to put an entire industry of specialized truck manufacturers out of business." The Obama administration said pollution from the trucks could lead to 1,600 early deaths every year.

California's attorney general, Democrat Xavier Becerra said, "As EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt's job was to act as our country's chief environmental prosecutor. At every turn - even until the bitter end - he failed to carry out this important duty and instead put the profits of major polluters above the health of our families." The appeals court in Washington D.C. has already blocked the suspension of the rule temporarily in a separate lawsuit brought against the EPA by environmental groups.

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Steve Hufford No. 31997 1532223911

DEF engines have less power which means you have to torture the engine which causes more exhaust. Def is probably worse for the environment than high sulphur fuel was originally. How does putting more chemicals in the atmosphere make it cleaner? DEF is cooked down manures by the way. DEF unit adds an extra $5k to price tag to an engine and on certain models especially the paccar is costly and a mother bear to maintain. Kenworth I used to drive every 3 or 4 months had to sit at a dealership for a week to maintained. It was hell of a racket!

Anonymous No. 32003 1532228215

What they ought to sue for is hiding all the new technology and inventions that could have put the oil industries out of work a long time ago! There's no way we should be still burning fossil fuels to run our cars. Big oil with help from the government has suppressed all inventions that would shut down the oil industries. It's all about making a buck!

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