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Photo credit: florin constantin | YouTube

Witnesses looking up at the sky were stunned to see a black object over the sky's of Manhattan, New York on July 18. The bizarre sighting was captured on video and shows a dark disc floating in restricted airspace above the city.

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The videographer who filmed the UFO said, "Can someone explain what I just recorded? It's that a UFO?" The airspace over Manhattan is restricted within 2,000 feet horizontally of the built-up area. No flights are allowed in that area and no aircraft would be able to operate over Manhattan without Air Defense Clearance.

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After 9/11, security of the airspace over New York would make it virtually impossible for such a low flying object to go unnoticed. A drone may be able to fly without detection and intervention by Air Defense but the object in the video moves far faster than any drone. You will have to decide for yourself what you think this object is, is it an insect, a high-tech drone, or a black budget flying disc?

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Anonymous No. 32061 1532339793


Anonymous No. 32062 1532339802

YES THEY'R BACK >>> !! real one and find out haw far back disclosure has happened ,, and why did the ONLY 45 th President state about a SPACE PROGRAM ==because some many thousands of people HAVE VIDEOS AND Photos and parts of them … looking forward the that probable energy changes in near ish future… you'll see more just have frame gig card and fast camera speed for freeze frames and 1/2 stops withing those freeze frames.. enjoy …

Anonymous No. 32063 1532339810

Kyle, it's spelled SKIES*, not 'sky's'… You're illiterate'.

Anonymous No. 32064 1532339818

First, you say it's 'floating', next you say it's 'moving to fast to be a drone'. You can't seem to be able to make up your mind about it. In the video, an object zips past the field of view IN FRONT OF THE BUILDINGS. it's not in the sky at all.

Anonymous No. 32065 1532339835

It's definitely too fast to be a civilian drone, anyway…

Anonymous No. 32066 1532339841

It's chasing the light streak at 29/30

Anonymous No. 32067 1532339863

an open message to the aliens. i'm not like the other humans. please let me man your death-ray when the time comes.

MonoRubric No. 32068 1532339878

Why is this advertised on infinitychan? Judging by the audio Manhattan sounds windy so ofc some tiny particle is going to fly lol.

Anonymous No. 32069 1532339886

>Flying vehicles now take a variety of shapes >But this has to be an alien! >Blurry photo Fake and gay. These niggers always blurry the photo to make it look spooky when if they took a nice high-res pic we would obviously know what the object is.

Anonymous No. 32070 1532339911

drones are real

real No. 32071 1532339941

I saw it over brooklyn in the evening, it was moving slowly and silently. this video is fake.

Anonymous No. 32026 1532363262
American TR-3B
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