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Georgia - Man Who Dragged FBI Agent With Truck Indicted

A Georgia man evading arrest back in January dragged an FBI agent alongside his truck for nearly a quarter-mile at high speeds near Atlanta. The agent had to undergo surgery as a result.

The man has been identified as Cedrick Hill, 26 years old, of Marietta, Georgia. Hill has been arraigned on a federal assault charge for resisting arrest and breaking the arm and leg of an officer.

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Prosecutors say Hill was a fugitive when agents found him on January 5 at a Sandy Springs hotel. They narrate that an officer saw Hill in the foyer and told him he was under arrest. But Hill ran when he saw the agent preparing handcuffs. Hill darted into the lobby, jumped over the front desk counter and out the hotel with the agent following behind him. Hill reached his truck with the intent to get away. The agent went after Hill and became lodged in the driver-side door while trying to apprehend the fugitive.

Prosecutors add that the agent was dangling from the door as Hill sped through the parking lot and hit another vehicle, painfully breaking the agent’s arm and femur in the process.

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With his free hand, the agent managed to shoot Hill with two rounds.

Hill drove out of the hotel parking lot, crossed I-285 and turned down an access road. He then decided to stop the truck and released the agent on the side of the road.

Hill then drove back to the hotel where he was treated before being arrested.

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The agent underwent surgery and survived. An FBI spokesperson said the agent was still recovering but vows he “will have his day in court for this blatant attack on a federal officer.”

Hill was previously wanted for allegedly supplying methamphetamines to a gang-affiliated drug ring.

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