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UK - Missing Suffolk Airman Is Somewhere In Waste Disposal System

The father of a missing Suffolk airman stated on Facebook that the fate of his son, Corrie Mckeague, has likely been determined. The 23-year-old Mckeague went missing on the night of September 24, 2016. He was last seen on a night out in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

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The missing airman's father, Martin Mckeague said on Facebook: "Corrie is no longer missing… after looking at all of the facts and evidence, we now know what happened." Corrie's mother Nicola Urquhart doesn't believe her son is dead yet and has "not given up" the search. Police say they believe the airman climbed into a refuse bin and was taken away by a trash collecting truck.

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Corrie's father said his son was "known to sleep in and on top of bins, a fact that has been corroborated by Suffolk Police from their interviews." He also said the night Corrie went missing one bin was reportedly weighed in at 116k, "an unusually high number for this bin, which tells us my son was inside." Corrie's mother Urquhart said she would "keep fighting for the answers I need."

Urquhart said: "Corrie is missing, he has not been found, nor has there been any corroborating evidence shown to me yet to say what has happened to my son. Although to the very depths of my soul, I know and feel Corrie is not AWOL, I CANNOT state this is a fact, as there is no proof."

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Mckeague confirmed that his son's remains were "essentially irretrievable." She also said police investigators would be meeting with her in August so she could "be given answers." Corrie was originally from Dunfermline and was serving at RAF Honington in Suffolk. He disappeared after a night out on the town in Bury St. Edmunds.

Corrie's body would likely never be recovered according to investigators who reviewed the facts including his father. Mckeague said the evidence the police presented him with was "as thorough as it was compelling" and experts had "concluded beyond any doubt that Corrie had ended up in the Suffolk waste disposal system."

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32833 Your the one that deserves it! Good guy you are NOT!

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I see the UK does not take care for its Vet's any better than the USA, when they return from fighting the Governments wars and still need serious attention.

It should be a rule that any Nations Veterans Admin needs to be funded at least equal to the cost of a the war.

Because wounds often are not just to the flesh .

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