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UFO Hunter Who Died Under Mysterious Circumstances Had Laptop "Wiped"

The laptop of a British UFO hunter who suddenly died while on a trip to Poland to visit a conference has been handed back to his family "wiped clean". 39-year-old Max Spiers' death has been a source of mystery since a friend found his body and told a 2016 inquest Spiers had committed two liters of black blood before his death. Spiers was a father of two and had allegedly made many "enemies" during his investigations.

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A message sent from his phone before his death to his mother Vanessa Bates read, "You boy's in trouble, if anything happens to me, investigate". At the pre-inquest review at the Guildhall in Sandwich, Kent, emergency responders were to be called as witnesses and as well as possible evidence over whether disciplinary proceedings were brought against police officers in Poland over Spiers' death.

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The pre-inquest review also heard analysis of a laptop and mobile phone that belonged to Spiers should be presented at the inquest. The court barrister Adam Taylor said, "The way in which they were returned and what was done to them is clearly one of the big mysteries. The family does not know whatsoever of what the results of that analysis were. Mr. Bates’ laptop was wiped and, of course, it was not empty at the time of Max’s death. The issue is the Sim card and what was on it. Without sight of the report, the family has no answer to these questions."

Spiers' mother Vanessa said after the hearing, "Today felt very positive. It’s just over two years now. I did not expect him to go to Poland and not come back. We’ve got hundreds of pages we are working our way through which are all in Polish. It’s been difficult, but gradually we’ve worked our way through. There certainly was some mention of that from the Polish side. We’ve still got stuff that are not translated, and I think when we get to the inquest we will know more about whether police procedures were or were not followed."

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"I think it is going to be very difficult to get the Polish witnesses over here," Vanessa said. "He should be here. He was very fit and healthy when I said goodbye to him. Everything that we have in terms of health records before he went were that he was in great health. This was an enormous blow. I miss him dreadfully."

His body was repatriated to the UK and the Kent Police launched a joint investigation with Polish police. Shortly before his death, Speirs was said to be poking into the lives of prominent figures in politics, business and entertainment. "I think Max had been digging in some dark places and somebody wanted him dead," his mother added. "It’s been a long time coming, but I’m just relieved that at last something is happening and there is a proper investigation and inquest."

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Anonymous No. 33780 2018-08-12 : 23:31

I wish he spammed whatever he found on the internet since he knew something was wrong, oh well. At least all his porn was wiped

Anonymous No. 33789 2018-08-13 : 00:20

He probably found out that UFOs don't exist and were alone in the universe

Anonymous No. 33837 2018-08-13 : 13:57

Real smart, a Brit goes to Poland, a country who has had enough hardship doused on it. He riles up nonsense about a ufo, pisses off a very hard people, and wakes up like a cold czarnina. Stay home Brit-wits, leave Poles alone.

Anonymous No. 34050 2018-08-16 : 12:13

What is commited two litres of black blood meant to convey?

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