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Jaden Smith Opens Up About Obama, Aliens, Time Travel And More

See, now this is just the kind of thing that happens when you let your kids hang out too long with Scientologists. Will Smith's son Jaden (who refers to himself, unironically as the "new Carlton") is claiming that he has spoken to Obama about aliens and that the fictional state of Wakanda from the Black Panther is a reality.

HuffPo interviewed him after his appearance at Lollapalooza and he rapped with them about Inception, time travel, aliens and a real life Wakanda:

“I will keep it real broad and simple, real broad and simple. The technology that we’re currently at is not the maximum of the human capability,” he began, “and that there are places in the world where their technology supersedes what we see here on a daily basis. It’s made by humans, and it should be acknowledged, and it should be looked at because it could heal a lot of problems.”

You mean like a real-world Wakanda?

“Yeah,” he said, ”type shit.”

In addition, he claims to have "figured out how to time travel in the future of my life and my future self came back and told me that, so not yet, but I just try to do as much as possible.

Jaden also weighed in on the Berenstain universe/Mandela effect:

“Luke, I am your father” again. Because it was it before and somehow changed, because someone went back in time and changed it, and then I would go back in time and change it again, because it just bothers me. I wake up and I cry sometimes. I just want to change that."

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Will Smith and his wife Jada were flirting with the aliens and mind control cult Scientology for a few years. It seems possible that the influence has had a detrimental effect on poor Jaden. He explains how Obama decided to, unprompted, offer the truth about aliens:

“First off, I never asked President Obama about extraterrestrials or about the existence of extraterrestrial life on Planet Earth or the government being in communication with them. I never asked any of those questions. I never hinted at those questions. I never said that I had a question for him later that was going to be a weird question.

The first thing out of [his mouth] ― I could’ve wanted to asked about the huge presidential private plane. I could’ve wanted to ask about, like, underground tunnels. I could’ve wanted to ask about the pyramids or something ― he immediately was like, “You want to know about the aliens?”

That’s a major. Not even a red flag. That’s a good flag. That’s a major, like, win. That’s already one win, you know what I’m saying? It’s already one win. Then he says, “I can’t confirm or deny the existence of extraterrestrials.” That’s another win. ‘But if there was a time in a debriefing where I needed to be let known any type of information or if there needed to be a meeting, it would’ve or has happened in this room.'”

As for what happened next, “I don’t know what happened. I blacked out. I forget.”


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