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California - Teacher Arrested For Having Unprotected Sex with 14-Year-Old Student

A teacher in Glendale, California was arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old student. The sexual encounter occurred in May during a school field trip to Washington D.C. 26-year-old Jacqueline Nicole Muller was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia on suspicion of first-degree child sexual abuse.

Muller had been teaching at the school only a year before her arrest.

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A complaint filed in Washington Superior Court revealed Muller began having unprotected sex with one of her eighth-grade students during a school trip to Washington D.C. and Virginia last May. Muller was acting as a chaperone or was supposed to be, on the trip. Muller initially denied the encounter but correspondence online between the two revealed she asked the boy to delete their messages because she didn't want anything they've said to be found by the police.

The teacher and student first had sex on May 9 in a Washington D.C. hotel room that was shared by the 14-year-old student and another boy. The pair then had sex again later that day when the school group arrived at another hotel, this one in Virginia. Investigators say the other chaperones became suspicious of the amount of time Muller was spending with the boy and told her parents.

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The boy's parents confiscated his phone and found messages from Muller, according to court documents. Muller sent messages to the boy's phone such as, "Hope you slept well my love" and "Missing you". The 14-year-old admitted to the sexual encounters and said the relationship started in March.

"He remembered the date specifically because it was the student’s first kiss," the complaint said. The parents informed school officials who informed authorities. Muller resigned from the school which issued this statement:

"Salem Lutheran Church and School takes the safety of our students very seriously and will always do everything in our power to protect them."

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Anonymous No. 35230 2018-08-27 : 03:52

Funny, last I checked this is called statutory rape, but I guess when a woman does it it's just "unprotected sex", I guess if he wore a condom it'd be a-ok.

Anonymous No. 35231 2018-08-27 : 04:00

>The pair then had sex again later that day

>The 14-year-old admitted to the sexual encounters and said the relationship started in March.

doesn't seem like he minded, can't really call that abuse. I was that age once, every lad fantasizes about their teachers. women are whores, how is this news?

Anonymous No. 35234 2018-08-27 : 04:22

When boys are that age they would hump just about anything that didn’t remove skin. Give a boy of that age a real chance at a puss errr I mean front hole and it could be attached to a 85 year old gypsy with the stench of wet musk oxen and a 14 yr old would pound it to pieces. And brag about the beauty he had sex with and how he’s the biggest stud of all.

Anonymous No. 35235 2018-08-27 : 04:25

Isnt funny how people dimiss this kind of crime when a women does it. They need to make this a federal crime. Where there are 50 yr sentences. So states cant smack hands of these monsters. Dont matter especially if you are a teacher even professers at colleges. K-12 grade in every state has laws that they enforce harsley for not sending your kids to school. Then we need hard sentences for this kind of thing.

Green No. 94449 2019-06-28 : 18:25

That’s not even her picture FWY.

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