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Mexico - Spherical UFO Blasts Out Of Lighting Storm (Video)

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A bizarre sighting during a lightning storm in Mexico may have resulted in the capture of a UFO on video. The storm was taking place over San Juan Tepic Nayarit, Mexico on August 22, 2018, when a spherical object blasts out of the storm at high speed.

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The speed and trajectory of the object make it highly unlikely that it was an aircraft but the object does not appear to be a meteor either. Could this actually be an alien ship or is there a more Earthly explanation such as ball lighting?

Ball lighting is acknowledged to be a legitimate phenomenon by the scientific community but it is very elusive and difficult to capture on video. This photograph allegedly depicts ball lighting which can range from pea-sized to several meters in diameter. One of the defining features of ball lightning is the duration since it lasts much longer than the split-second flash of lighting.

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Here is another example of alleged ball lightning captured on video. Both the picture above and the video below seems to depict a very different shape and movement than that of the UFO filmed over Mexico.

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Anonymous No. 35545 2018-08-30 : 10:35

I think any NEV ( Non Earth Vehicle) having traveled the great distances (Light Years) , and survived entering the Earth Atmosphere, could handle a lightening strike.

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