By: Kyle James | 08-31-2018 | PedoGate
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Ronan Farrow Was Threatened By NBC Lawyers If He Kept Reporting On Harvey Weinstein

A former NBC producer who worked with Ronan Farrow at NBC News during the investigation into Harvey Weinstein quit in protest of the company's handling of Farrow's reporting on Friday, August 17th. Farrow won a Pulitzer Prize for a series of articles reporting on Harvey Weinstein but sources told the Daily Beast that NBC has not stopped harassing him over his reporting on the Hollywood mogul.

Farrow's articles exposed much of the sexual assault allegations against Weinstein and NBC apparently didn't want him to continue reporting on the matter. NBC News insists the Weinstein exposé was not ready to run on air or publish online but Farrow claims that it was indeed ready but it was NBC that didn't want to go ahead with the story.

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Farrow quit NBC News and took his Weinstein exposé with him which ultimately was published in The New Yorker. The exposé became a series of articles which earned Farrow the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service as well as the prestigious George Polk Award for National Reporting. The Daily Beast says Farrow's process of publishing the Weinstein exposé at NBC News was plagued with threats from the company which turns out was motivated by a previously unreported ultimatum from Weinstein's own attorney's.

The Daily Beast reported that NBC News general counsel Susan Weiner made a series phone calls to Farrow threatening to smear him if he went through with the Weinstein report. A spokesperson from NBC News denied the allegations saying they were "Absolutely false" and "There’s no truth to that all. There is no chance, in no version of the world, that Susan Weiner would tell Ronan Farrow what he could or could not report on." Farrow took his story on Weinstein to The New Yorker and soon after the #MeToo movement evolved.

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Farrow started working with NBC News' Investigative unit after he lost his show at MSNBC in December 2016. Farrow and a producer at NBC News named Rich McHugh decided they wanted to report on Hollywood's "casting couch", a term used to describe the practice of exchanging sex with women for film roles. When NBC was reluctant to publish the story Farrow decided to quit taking the exposé with him. Now, a year later to the day, McHugh has also quit in protest of NBC's treatment of Farrow.

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Anonymous No. 35646 2018-08-31 : 05:21

Nothing new here. Leftist doublethink where they silence reporters that aren't kosher and in the same breath cry about how journalists are mistreated

Anonymous No. 35647 2018-08-31 : 05:39

Oh boy, the schizos are already coming out of the woodwork in this section.

Anonymous No. 35648 2018-08-31 : 05:50

Looks like nbc is just proving that fake news is the enemy of the people!

Anonymous No. 35656 2018-08-31 : 07:47

Could say the same about Faux news but you won't because you're an obvious shill retard. GTFO

Anonymous No. 35668 2018-08-31 : 09:19

The Left fighting among themselves. Faggots vs Fat Jews for domination in the victimhood niche

Anonymous No. 35684 2018-08-31 : 13:43

The MSM has ran so many proven FAKE stories over the last 2+ years, that they now are paid no more attention too than

The Boy Who Cried Wolf, fable

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