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A Recollection Of A Childhood Alien Abduction

A woman recalls having a lifetime of alien abductions involving herself. Denise Stoner was five and a half years old the very first time she can recall being abducted by the extraterrestrials.

Denise claims she was at home in Hartford with her grandfather while her mother was in the hospital giving birth to her youngest sister. She says she remembers peering out of the bay windows in the living room and large seeing what she referred to as an egg-shaped object in the sky.

She faintly remembers it hovering over power lines in the distance. Denise said, “What’s Humpty Dumpty doing up in the sky?” She said the look of fear in her grandfather’s face is something she would never forget as he told her it was time for bed.

Later in the evening Denise was laying in her bed gazing at the nursery themed wallpaper in her room as she saw an entity appear as if it had just walked through the wall. She said, “He looked like a monk, he had a robe, and he was carrying a light. I wasn’t afraid of him. He put out his other hand for me to take it, and I did. We walked out into the hallway. The alien pointed his light at the wall, and they disappeared through it. I remember being in a large, dome-shaped room with a lot of other children, and they seemed to be learning something.”

After that when she awoke in the morning, she was back in her bedroom snuggled under the blankets. Such occurrences seemed oddly strange to her and she suggested it is in fact possible her grandfather had also experienced the abductions simply because of his reaction to the flying craft. “Stranger things have happened.” she said.

Later in her life she remembers it being her eighth birthday and she was playing outside in the woods with her neighbors. There was a large stream that ran through the woods where they often played tag and skimmed rocks in the water.

Her friend Lainey had just tossed a rock into the stream when the ground before them began to rumble. Both girls fell to the ground as if there was an earthquake shaking all around them.

“Suddenly a beam of fluorescent light flashed brightly out from beneath the water.” she said. She went on to suggest the ground continued to tremble as the girls became mesmerized by the neon lights. As if Moses spreading the sea the water began to separate. The soil beneath the path in the water began to disappear and crack open.

With a roaring echo as “loud as a plane taking off” Denise says the egg shaped craft appeared again. Oddly enough it was semi transparent and she could see the creatures inside she claims “were of extraterrestrial origin unlike anything she's seen on Earth before”. She said they called to her and her friend telepathically. Both girls were in a trance.

Later she recalls coming out of the trance and being outside of Earth from inside the craft. The creatures she saw had a glow like an ultraviolet light that made their faces and bodies hard to see. Almost as if she had a “strong and powerful blinding light in my eyes the entire time” she said.

She recalls the beings “reminding me of Reptiles. Almost as if they were some kind of Reptilian-Human Hybrid” she claims.

Denise said Lainey never spoke but she was glued to the “window like panes” of the inside of the ship they were on. She remembers looking down and seeing various Planets pass by as if at the speed of light.

She's not certain as to how such an event affected her and Lainey. “I have no idea what they wanted, or what they did to me”. I do know that I have been impregnated three times in my life thus far and I'm not married nor have I ever been with a man.

She claims these pregnancies also “only lasted about five months each before each of my children were born.” When asked further about her children or if there was anything unusual about them she only replied, “yes, all three were born with tails”.


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Anonymous No. 3688 2017-06-14 : 22:34

seriously? aliens, abduction, virgin births, tails?

are you on drugs?

oh, wait, it's a red pill story, figures

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