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Anon At 8chan Theorize Regarding Cody Wilson Sexual Assault Charges

Traci Lords was 15 when she debuted in the porn world. Apparently, she lied about her age and produced fake ID in order to get the job. This didn't help the owners of X-Citement Video, Inc. who were arrested. Evidently, the fact that Traci had lied and had believable identification wasn't enough. I bring this up because Cody Williams, the head of Defense Distributed is currently on the run after being charged in relation to what is being called "child sexual assault" by Wired, CBS News and other sources.

Some anon at 8chan are calling into question the suspicious timing of the whole affair. Defense Distributed just successfully filed a suit against the federal government after which they were sued by 20 states upon which DD raised a half a million in legal defense… and <i>then</i> the headlines regarding "child sexual assault" make the news.

What constituted this sexual assault by the way? To me, it sounded far more like statutory rape. A girl, 16, (age of consent in Texas is 17) lied about her age in order to sign up for a "Sugar Daddy" meet up site. She claims to have met Wilson online and took $500 in payment after visiting at his hotel and allegedly engaging in a sex act after which she was dropped off at What-a-Burger.

The fact that the whole affair is still being commonly referred to as "child sexual assault" smacks of politicization. This occurs suspiciously around the same time HP has announced: "Metal Jet" which would allow 3d metal printing.

Wilson identifies as an Anarcho-Capitalist, Libertarian who has taken a strong stand regarding both 1st and 2nd amendments (he's also the founder of the Patreon alternative "Hatreon") and as a result could easily have made some enemies among the powers that be.

<quote>"If code is speech, the constitutional contradictions are evident," Wilson told WIRED at the time. "So what if this code is a gun?”</quote>

Several anon at 8chan are suspicious of how the whole affair has panned out in light of the fact that Wilson would be just one of many pro-gun figures to have been smeared in the press or worse in the past few years.

I personally find it odd that Wired was so quick to weigh in considering they still haven't covered the Robert Scoble scandal (Scoble, a "VR pioneer" has made headlines multiples times at Wired but when I broke the story last year neither TechCrunch nor Wired picked it up afterward though eventually Buzzfeed, Business Insider and NY Mag did.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">I&#39;m still wondering how I scooped all the mainstream joints (including tech news) by several hours on this. Hell, I TAGGED Buzzfeed and Wired. BF ended up running with it at least…<a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Philip (@kafkaguy) <a href="">December 27, 2017</a></blockquote>

<script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>


Wilson has missed his return flight to the US and last known whereabouts are Taipei, Taiwan.

If anon's paranoia is founded this would put Wilson in the potential company of the likes of John Noveske of Noveske Rifleworks who died of a car accident just days after Keith Ratliffe, manager of FPSRussia was murdered (specifically tied to a chair and shot in the back of the head).

Kyle Myers, also of FPSRussia was later invested by ATF and GBI in his Lavonia, Georgia home due to the fact that he "was using explosives and getting paid for it via YouTube." Remember how Traci Lords was never arrested for forgery or using faked identification but the men who believed said fake IDs did end up locked up? I suppose I don't have to mention that no one at YouTube was found liable in this case.

Myers was raided again in 2017 on suspicion of possession of 25 grams of hash through the mail. 50 of his weapons were confiscated as a result. Then there's how reality stars running Red Jacket who were arrested on multiple (completely unrelated) felonies ranging from rape, assault, domestic violence, child abuse.

Richard Wyatt of Discoery Channels' American Guns is another case. Rich Wyatt, another reality star and 2nd amendment activist and gun aficionado was arrested in 2017 on ten felony counts related to conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion.

Another anon pointed out the possibility of parallel construction in play:

"what a bizarre tale of unbelievably clean coincidences. i smell Parallel Construction.

we all know the Deep State wanted Cody Wilson dead or yanked off the chess board,

by any means necessary, because his idea poses one of the biggest future threats

to the superstructure of power which the NWO OWG wields over us, like a jackboot

to our necks.

i could completely see Cody Wilson being under 24/7 FULL TAKE NSA surveillance.

NSA was just watching his Patterns of Life like a hawk, waiting for him to make

one fuck up, then they strike, by relaying his SIGINT to the ATF, who then

passes it down the chain to tip off the local Austin police, who take him out,


guess who is the Father of Parallel Construction?

first, we have to go back. do you remember NSA STELLARWIND? the origin of where the Snowden Affair all started, the mass surveillance system which was started 1 week after 9/11, and for which the Patriot Act was passed in order to retro-actively bless the illegal domestic spying which the NSA had already begun under General Michael Hayden, who was obeying the direct order of VP Dick Cheney?

in December 2004, the DOJ Asst Attorney General of the Criminal Division was "read into the program", and briefed on STELLARWIND, and

had explained to him just what NSA had been doing to spy on all Americans, because the existence of The Program had leaked to the NYT in 2004,

and President Bush had personally asked NYT to withhold publishing the existence of STELLARWIND, which NYT obeyed for over 1 year. but NYT was not going to wait forever. Bush was still one year away from giving his infamous speech to the nation admitting he authorized The President's Surveillance Program, but nothing further was known about what NSA was really doing.

behind the scenes, DOJ, NSA, FBI, the WH and the SSIC began scrambling to coordinate news laws and new procedures to make STELLARWIND "above board", in case NYT revealed it.

one thing DOJ needed to do was to stop taking evidence gained from NSA illegal domestic bulk wiretaps of American citizens, and using that evidence in FISA warrants, without telling the FISA judges where that evidence came from, which completely destroys the legitimacy of FISA, because it means for at least 5 years, all FISA judges were just blindly rubber stamping warrants without knowing that NSA/FBI had already been spying on the domestic US citizen targets, and that the entire FISA Court was just being used to retroactively legitimize illegal bulk wiretaps after they already occured.

DOJ needed a team of attorneys to go line by line through all FISA warrants and their additional documentation, and scrub any mention of anything which came from STELLARWIND surveillance.

this team would be a called a 'taint team.'

the DOJ Asst Attorney General of the Criminal Division who was the new boss of the Taint Team obviously had to be "read into the program" to know what STELLARWIND even was, in order to hide it from the chain of evidence presented to FISA judges.

the DOJ Asst Attorney General of the Criminal Division's name was Christopher Wray.

as of December 2005, the number of people outside of NSA who had been "read into the program" who knew STELLARWIND existed only numbered 18 people. Christopher Wray was #17 in the entire FedGov to know The Horror, The Horror.

and so Parallel Construction was born. FBI Director Christopher Wray was the father of Parallel Construction


if the Feds were involved, they would not have needed to build probable cause by

tracing Cody's SUV from a cafe to a hotel to a burger joint using grainy 2

week old footage. the Feds would have just pulled Cody's phone's IP address

and the slut's IP address out of PRISM and then looked at the content of their

messages, proving it was their identities. not to mention that Cody's 2015

Ford Edge SUV comes equipped with Ford Sync, which is like OnStar for Ford,

and contains GPS navigation, so the NSA/F

what is strange to me is that subpoenaing some IP addresses seems easier than

getting 2 week old video footage from 3 Autin businesses. isn't it lucky that

Whataburger saves their camera feed from 2 weeks ago? what a lightning strike

of good luck that some podunk mom & pop cafe even have surveillance cameras and

that they go back 2 weeks in storage.

in the indictment, we just assume the video footage is from these stores. but

the cop never explicitly says so.

what if the video footage is from the street light cameras across the street

from the cafe and the hotel and the Whataburger? what if the footage is from the

city-wide surveillance system that nobody knows exists, and which nobody knows

is storing everyone in the city and not just going back 2 weeks, but going back

more than 2 years?"

Anon points us towards the <a href="">299 page declassified document from the DEA</a> regarding the prevalence of Parallel Construction in making a case. You see, when you're obtaining evidence illegally it's not that hard to use the information to set up ways for you to "find" the information in a perfectly legal manner.

as for Cody's indictment, i am amazed at how quickly his case came together–in

less than 2 weeks, and with zero loose ends, and most curious of all, no

evidence requiring the superpowers of the Federales–just pure local beat cop"

anon continues:

"it is remarkble that the entirety of the evidence is simple surveilance camera footage from local Austin businesses.

another unbelievably remarkable coincidencde is that there is no futher mention

of the hooker website. didn't FOSTA/SESTA just pass? the whole point of FOSTA

was to create new severe laws cracking down on any websites which enable

prostitution, especially underage hookers.

why does still fucking exist at all? under FOSTA, this single

case is sufficient evidence for FBI door kickers to raid their office, raid

their data center, and sieze everything, and arrest all employees and owners and

throw the fucking book at them.

since when do the corrupt seditious bribed ready-for-Crooked-Hillary faggots at

FBI take a pass on a PR-ready grand stand opportunity to praise FOSTA and

perpwalk a big fish pimp, and instead hand off a one off arrest of a minnow to

Officer Joe Blow?

doesn't that smell fishy?

the absence of Federale evidence in this case is evidence of absence. which

means this is by design.

this is a pretty scary precedent. it shows that Parallel Construction is worse

than we imagined, and it is being abused for exactly what we all feared–to be

used as a Top Secret crobar to beat People The FedGov Doesn't Like.

today it's Cody. who knows, maybe tomorrow you'll piss off the Deep State and

then it'll be you.


just look at the images i attached. Parallel Construction is such an abhorrent legal practice that it will become like gangrene and rot away the rest of our entire legal edifice, if it hasn't already. you are not even allowed to know what is the legal justification for Parallel Construction, except that

it is a Secret Interpretation of a SCOTUS case from 1938, whereby DOJ gives itself the authority to make a mockery of the Law and make our Courts into a Peanut Gallery and do whatever it wants, and make up evidence as it likes, or ignore evidence as it likes, and try and convict your fellow citizens on the basis of the arbitrary whims of some Secret Cabal of Unelected Swamp Bureaucrats in Dark Suits.

DOJ knows goddamn well they better abuse our system of Top Secrets to misclassify their justification for Parallel Construction so that We The People cannot see it. because if we did see it, it would be obviously flimsy and illegal and it would disintegrate under a single ray of sunshine.

if we're going to have Secret Interpretations of Secret Laws in Secret Courts, just like every goddamn tyrannical EMPIRE in history, fine, i get that, it was inevitable. we had a good 250 year run of being a Free Nation until the ancient evils of Despotism and Regicide returned. but what i cannot tolerate for one second is not knowing what are the operating procedures of our justice system, because they are Top Secret and arbitrarily decided and applied on a whim or on a personal vendetta."

<a href="

">Human Rights Watch covered the issue</a> of parallel construction, which is used not only by local law enforcement and the FBI, ATF and DEA but also in international intelligence to gain FISA search warrants for instance.

Judge: [I]f, you know, there was an illegal search … followed by a legal search, but that was only obtained because now that you had the illegal search, you knew something about [the case], that would be a concern to the Court.… And that is the fruit of the poisonous tree, potentially.

Prosecutor: I respectfully dispute that point.… [I]n fact, I don’t have any concern about that.

—Hearing transcript, United States v. Lara (Northern District of California), December 2013

According to the HRW investigation conducted from April 2016 to October 2017 PC is prevalent enough to be considered commonplace. Often it is a means to gather information when the means of gathering information would otherwise being illegal due to Supreme Court interpretations or illegal due to the 4th amendment's protection against illegal search and seizure. In essence, this case could possibly be at the crux of the war against the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments, that is, the cornerstone of the bill of rights and the very foundation of our Constitutional freedoms.


Twitter: #codywilson #defensedistributed #4thamendment #parallelconstruction

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It’s all just a joke... No. 37753 2018-09-22 : 19:31

I’ve believed this was the case for a long time. 9/11 gave them all the cover they wanted. That’s why it happened…

What I did not know was Wray’s placement. Knowing that I am curious as to whether or not Trump allows FISA to continue. Either fork in the road will tell a very significant tale.

Anonymous No. 37754 2018-09-22 : 19:34

I see it like a game, as our lawyers get smarter and find ways to shield their clients from charges the prosecution has to use tricks and traps that infringe on our rights to lock down charges. If one looks at the federal success rate with charges, they win almost every case. And it is a hard fight against the Feds as they have bottomless pockets. The left is pushing for a new due process where the accused are guilty and must prove their innocence. Just look at the Kavanaugh shitshow! Happened 35 years ago, never reported, cannot remember the house, the people, or how she got home but we are supposed to believe he’s a bad guy. Not a single woman that worked with him has said a negative thing, just some professor with ties to PP and a scrubbed social media presence making unfounded accusations is all it takes these days? I call BS!! Again these are OUR employees that WE empower to uphold OUR constitution and laws! WE also have the expectation that they will follow the rules set forth, and if following the rules makes their job harder, so be it!

Anonymous No. 37772 2018-09-22 : 20:48



Vickar Kahn has $0 to his name and is pretending to be someone he is not. He works with his accomplice MICHAEL BANKS.

tab No. 37773 2018-09-22 : 20:49

freedom is a facade…. the USA is worse than Stalin's Russia.

Jim No. 37778 2018-09-22 : 22:00

>Anon at 8chenz

Quality headline 01/01

Anonymous No. 37787 2018-09-23 : 04:40

Woof is not anonymous.

Anonymous No. 37788 2018-09-23 : 05:27

The age of consent in the UK is 16. So everyone who celebrates Cody Wilson's incarceration has a split personality, unless they oppose the regime of the UK government. As they do not, they have a split personality. They are one thing when they think about Cody Wilson, and they are another thing when they think about the UK. Two people in one.

Anonymous No. 37791 2018-09-23 : 08:39


Age of consent is as soon as you've kidnapped her and got her hooked on drugs if you're from Luton or Rotherham.

Anonymous No. 37792 2018-09-23 : 08:42

This article is a scary and on target. What jf ypu visited a prostitution page by accident and then the government comes after you?

Anonymous No. 37843 2018-09-23 : 23:32

He taught the world how to defend itself.

They (LIBERALS) now are trying to teach him a lesson for showing us.

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