By: Savannah Smith | 09-25-2018 | News
Photo credit: Detroit Free Press

Michigan - ‘Zoo Animals’ Post Gets Detroit Rookie Cop Fired

This rookie Detroit cop learned the wisdom behind the social media piece of advice “Think before you click” too late. He just lost his job after being suspended for an offensive social media post over the weekend.

Police Chief James Craig announced on Monday that Sean Bostwick has been fired. Craig shared further in a news conference at the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters: “This is his last day on our payroll. Tomorrow, he will no longer be a Detroit police officer. He is clear on that.”

A day before that, Craig had suspended the 27-year-old officer for allegedly posting a Snapchat photo of himself in uniform on Saturday and with the caption “Another night to Rangel (sic) up these zoo animals.”

The said post shocked many and Craig even admitted to receiving dozens of phone calls from other police officers, city officials and community leaders voicing their disagreement over the post.

Craig also condemned Bostwick’s social media post. He said: “This is not reflective of this department. We expect a high level of professionalism when we’re serving the public.”

Craig talked to Bostwick first about the post, and later on to discuss the situation. He said that Bostwick, to his credit, expressed remorse over his action. Craig added: “He took responsibility for it. He admitted that he did this. He said he didn't mean it the way it came off."

Bostwick also took down the post immediately following his meeting with Craig, but then it was already too late as the post has since quickly gone viral.

Bostwick’s apologies were not enough to save his job. Craig said they have zero tolerance for such insensitive behavior that is simply unacceptable in the department and city.

Craig also explained that he was able to take a quick, decisive action against Bostwick because he was still on probation. He shared that things would have been different had Bostwick been a tenured officer.

Craig believes that Bostwick is not fit to serve in law enforcement, and hopes no police department elsewhere will hire him. He said: “I think any department that hires him will be concerned about this post. I don't think any city would want to take a chance or risk, but that's between him and a potential employer.”


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Anonymous No. 37943 2018-09-25 : 16:03


Anonymous No. 37951 2018-09-25 : 17:43

He did nothing wrong, Craig is anti White. The rookie is better off being free of the shackles of DPD’s obamunists. He should be happy he didn’t have to suffer the negronic idiocracy of the DPD.

Africanus Niggerasaurus No. 37952 2018-09-25 : 17:54

The officer was right. Plus it seems bizarre that his boss is allowed to disparage the young officer beyond firing him. It’s one thing to fire him for that act. It’s another to try to prevent him getting another position. I hope he sues the nigger zoo animals in his old department.

On a personal note. A friend of mine who’s a decade older than me inherited a home in Detroit when his father passed away in 2008 or 2009. His father had been a GM executive. He asked me what he should do with it as I have several rental properties around the country. I told him: sell it sell it now if you can. He took my advice and sold it cheaper than he wanted to a black family. Everyone was happy but my buddy worried that he should’ve asked for more.

Several months later he got some mail regarding the house and forwarded it to the new owners. They called him (they were really great people) and told him that there was nothing wrong with the house but that the city of Detroit had swooped in and cited them fir tens of thousands of dollars in code UPGRADES that it wanted them to do.

Detroit and every other big democrat run city like ChiCongo will eat it’s own.

Dindu nuffinasaurus No. 37953 2018-09-25 : 19:57

Good thing the young policeman was forced to leave that wretched city before it ate him alive. He's too young to be sacrificed on the alter of multi-culty Juu god worship. He should be protecting and policing his OWN people who need him healthy and alive. Let the beasts of Detroit be policed by their OWN as well. Then we won't have this problematic conflict. Separation is the answer folks, always has been, but we couldn't see it for the Zionist wool in our eyes. Let the divorce proceedings begin.

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