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Kavanaugh – How Long Can This Circus Last?

In case you missed it, the comedy team over at Saturday Night Live decided to show Mr. Kavanaugh’s hearing from one side of the story during last night’s episode.

Played by Matt Damon, it focused mainly on the man’s drinking habits whilst a teen, and on the markings on his calendar. The judge’s hearing has by now gone global. Even in Europe, every evening newscast started with Kavanaugh on Thursday and Friday, and next week will be similar.

Yes, the handmaidens which we’ve seen all over this week have found an aid in the mainstream media to help them get rid of Trump’s pick for the Supreme court.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">SEE IT: &#39;Saturday Night Live&#39; opens with a bang with Kavanaugh doppelganger Matt Damon <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) <a href="">September 30, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Americans realize that this national nightmare will go on for at least another week. By agreeing to an FBI investigation, all that happened is that the can was kicked down the road just a bit further.

Perhaps the Democrats will spring up another accuser which will be announced in the morning by her lawyer, presented to the public in the afternoon by the mainstream media, and have her life turned upside down by the evening on social media.

The Democratic senators who played their part of staging a dramatic walkout and subsequent press conference during the hearings (in order to promote some of the 2020 hopefuls) were quick to heap praise on Arizona Senator Mr. Jeff Flake for what they perceive is his “bipartisanship,” but commentators on the conservative side were equally quick to point out that although Mr. Flake, or even Ms. Susan Collins of Maine for that matter, regularly join the other side, the favor is rarely returned.

Even the more centrist Democrats haven’t been seen in the past two years supplying needed votes for the Trump White House to gain a majority on anything.

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Of course, by now no one can sincerely doubt anymore that the upcoming midterm elections will be linked to Mr. Kavanaugh’s pending confirmation or his replacement.

Each side will use any outcome to rattle the troops.

The Democrats hoping to get millennials out in drover will point to the pending ‘disaster’ of a majority conservative SCOTUS whereas the Republicans will claim, should Mr. Kavanaugh’s confirmation not be the final stage by Friday, that losing the House or Senate will put an end to the ‘Trump economy.’

The hunt for any party to get an edge over the others will go right up to Election Day, and no trick will be too dirty, especially for Democrats who have proven themselves masterful at using this stage to outshine their progressive left-wing hopefuls.

After all, with all the events of this week, who speaks of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez anymore?

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Anonymous No. 38358 2018-09-30 : 15:21

Admit it . This is a battle by the Socialists to control the SCOTUS Justice picks. So that whom ever is picked will read into the US Constitution to allow their agenda.

BTW: Scratch Matt Damon off my Movie/TV watching list that I shell out $$$$ to see.

When will the FBI investigate the Socialists in Congress?

They are openly calling for physical harm and etc. of the President, his staff and SCOTUS picks.

em ie No. 38363 2018-09-30 : 16:50

i do not believe it is a concerning topic , although possible enraging alarming sick of both sides INCLUDING the MEDIA ..Television WHAT? the snl LAST USE" of a MATT eh~ weakened by a matt , Matts get walked on all the time. Perhaps the televisions will not carry new signals {thus a last attempt of to toy with those whom just want to have laugh end of day ~] . coming changes to net , sats, phones , ranges of frequencies. = TV 's will as THEY"?""!!! expect 'will be obsolete ! just like the rural phones , but no one gave a crap about those , right not even a second of thought.. you out of range/s are nothings just lingering static , short wave is helpful …

the CIA already have Proven to the USA PUBLIC that THE CIA ALSO NEEDS THE PUBLIC HELP """ AND SO DOES THE FBI = TRULY as did even in the = PASTGREAT PRESIDENTS signalS *to the **PUBLIC THE POWER REMINDER that YOU HAVE MORE THAN YOU KNOW … that is not from a Q ! when systems of concern behind a countries back and laws create their own systems that boondoggle the mazes of one good law.. eg patents. or google maps with ground penetrating radar from satellites have all the locations of gold and diamonds etc . while all go through tedious legality to even make a claim =eureka you found gold . well that era is long over and the few with the main equipment over this earth , are yours and everyones problem and that is why the TRUMP and OTHER AND highly SPECIALIZED others are reminding the public and the MAIN MEDIA that is short term.. FOR this goldwater news site … amazing writers to read during these strange events which flood the main new , even about the Kav =FORD stuff== THE CIA is in shock that some of their MEMBERS has used this ford in the most degrading way , and has NOW INSULTED THE BETTER CIA PEOPLE .this entrapment of better cia and fbi .. should be the main issue .. yet laws /by those that like to toys with people must get changed.. example; fraudulent whistle-blower program s any good business people know can not fix work places with keeping BAD management. . media knows of that , BOTH Management or media or political or a babysitter with a group of kids , decisions are vital some just got to try your best and take a leap of faith.., THERE IS this of greater concern , if you writers would consider .. um THE LISTS in the GOV site OF the numerous people THAT OBAMA, BuSH=GW ,ClintONS that were pardoned .. are any of them back in git-mo or other jails at this time. and do the Democratic want t/OR WILL? FULFILL OBAMA's Quest to Close GITMO DOWN ??? , iIF so WHERE WILL THOSE Jailed PEOPLE BE RELEASED TO ???? please copy and link this older crippled hands notes to the the world media … everywhere.. thank you …

Anonymous No. 38359 2018-09-30 : 20:49

Now... Let's see the skit of the accuser in her whiny voice and tearless cry with all the little nervous ticks while snorting and drinking her coffee, saying a hundred times she can't remember. But she is 100% sure. That should be pretty funny!

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