By: Kyle James | 10-16-2018 | News
Photo credit: Prince George's County State's Attorney's Office

Maryland Officer Arrested For Raping Woman During Traffic Stop

Police in Maryland have arrested one of their own after a woman came forward and claimed he had sexually assaulted her during a traffic stop, according to the Prince George County police chief. Detectives took a 6-year veteran of the department Officer Ryan Macklin in custody Monday evening Prince George's County Police Chief Hank Stawinsk said.

Macklin is facing a slew of charges including first-degree rape, second-degree rape, second-degree assault, fourth-degree sex contact, and perverted practice. Police investigators in Prince George County say that Macklin initiated the traffic stop on University Boulevard in Langley Park around 1 a.m. Thursday.

It is not clear if the officer was wearing a body camera or if it was activated at the time of the assault.

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As we have seen from videos showing people fleeing the scene of a high-speed pursuit or even on foot they are sometimes shot in the back depending on whether that person is a danger to society and was in the commission of a felony. A cop capable of raping on duty may be capable of murder.

Resisting is not an option for a woman against a trained, male police officer. A person able to disarm the cop and hold him at gunpoint until other officers arrived would probably get shot by the responding officers.

I believe rapists should severely punished. Investigators say Macklin forced the victim to perform a sexual act in her car in a nearby parking lot while he was on duty, in uniform and driving a county vehicle with police markings.

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Some rather obscure video was released by the Prince George County police from a nearby furniture store but it was enough to show a police car conducting a traffic stop in the corner of the frame and corroborates the story. There has been uncorroborated speculation that Officer Macklin singled out the victim because he knew she was an illegal immigrant and would not be able to report the crime.

"There were concerns raised that perhaps this event had something to do with the victim's personal history or her immigration status. I don't believe that to be the case," Stawinski said in a public statement. "I have no information as a result of the investigation, which has proceeded for the last 72 hours, that is the case."

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Stawinski continued, "The police vehicle had pulled adjacent to the victim in this, then backed off, pulled in behind the victim and activated the emergency equipment. Again, this is one of a few videos that we have taken custody of in the last 72 hours. There are additional videos that I will not be releasing at this point. It's premature to release additional videos, but I am offering this to the community as assurance that the officer involved in this could not have known the victim's immigration status. In fact, could not have known anything about this victim prior to engaging with her."

Stawinski added that Macklin has been suspended without pay and relieved of his police authority. Prince George's County police's Special Investigation Response Team is working in conjunction with the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office. Officials are asking anyone who may have been assaulted by Macklin to call police at 301-772-4795.

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