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France - Hard-Left Raided in Corruption Investigation: “Kick down the doors, Comrades!” (Video)

Last year not only saw the rightwing party Front National of Ms. Le Pen come second in the first round of the Presidential elections but also saw the far-left party La France Insoumise of Mr. Jean-Luc Mélenchon come third.

At the time, many were surprised that the far-left could gather some 20% of the votes. In the second round, Mr. Mélenchon advised his voters to go with Mr. Macron, whom he saw as the ‘lesser of two evils’ and thanks to his support the centrist candidate later won the French Presidency.

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Just as the rightwing Ms. Le Pen, Mr. Mélenchon also stands accused of having misused funds received from the European Parliament and saw his offices raided earlier this week.

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His reaction, however, has shocked many in France.

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On video which has since gone viral on social media and made the rounds on all evening newscasts, the far left leader can be seen threatening several police officers, pushing a prosecutor and ordering his ‘comrades’ to break down the door of one of his own offices.

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“We are not thugs, we are not bandits,” he shouted. “In whose name are you preventing me from entering my party’s office? Go away and do your work as republican police officers. I am the republic; I am an MP.”

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The far-left leader continued: “Are you not ashamed? You are the police of the republic, or you are a gang? Do you know who you are talking to? You know who I am? Do I represent nothing to you?”

The 67-year-old former Communist stated: “These people can invade my house, my party headquarters, and my movement, but they will not scare me. We haven’t stolen anything. We are honest.”

The shock in France over Mr. Mélenchon’s reaction to a judiciary investigation has made the prime minister, Mr. Édouard Philippe, state in parliament that he “understood the emotion and anger” of the far-left leader, but that the justice system was “completely independent.”

Mr. Mélenchon, according to a justice ministry spokesman, reacted in a “completely unacceptable” manner and, as per France’s penal code, risks a penalty of up to six months’ imprisonment for attempting to discredit the judiciary.


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Keep America Great No. 39738 2018-10-18 : 17:20

Good! Do that to all the politicians here in the U.S.A.

Shine a bright LIGHT! Get every last cockroach.

Raid all the corrupt officials. Dimms already set the precedents & the bar.

Use the Patriot Act & Martial law if need be. Just "Git er dun"!

carpusruker No. 39740 2018-10-18 : 17:55

TERRORISM and GUN CONTROL?????????????????????????????????????

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