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Scientology Calls Out Disney's "Hypocrisy"

As former Scientologist and current whistleblower and activist Mike Rinder put it, it's definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black. It seems Scientology (as usual acting via one of their many front organizations) is calling for the heads of Mike Rinder and Leah Remini for their work on the Emmy award winning series Scientology: The Aftermath. The reason? Why human rights abuses of course! This coming from an organization who pays their Sea Org members pennies an hour, who have their own prison/work camp in the form of the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF). The self-same group who have been implicated in a kidnapping in Tennessee and multiple deaths at their Narconon facilities. I would go on, but simply listing a catalog of major human rights infractions of the Church of Scientology would require this article to be book length, so for now, let's cut to the chase.

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Stacy Sass of the STAND League (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination) has called out Disney for their "hypocrisy" claiming "Walt Disney would be appalled that the company he founded is inciting religious hatred." Now, having read that, a few things came to mind. First off, shouldn't the acronym be STAAD? Secondly even <a href="">Walt's grand-niece admitted the rumors</a> that Walt was fairly anti-Semitic are true.

Third, what room does STAND (STAAD?) have to speak about hypocrisy when a recent post from their site about fellow cult, Jonestown, had the gall to point out that "murder is the ultimate violation of a person's human rights."

Oh yeah, tell that to Lisa McPherson, Shelly Miscavige and the all the folks who have died at Scientology's "rehab clinic" Narconon. Oh wait, you can't…

Scientology has long pretended to be at the forefront of ethics and human rights. Many of their many front organizations' mission statements are directly related to this cause, for instance the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), Americans Preserving Religious Liberty (APRL), National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy (NARPA), Bigotwatch. Ironically, despite their supposed pro-religious freedom stance, they <a href="">took over the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) in order to subvert the organization</a> to prevent any anti-Scientology messages being promulgated from the group.

Did I say ironic? Of course, I meant hypocritical. Scientology's "ethics" of course don't at all prevent the rule of "fair play" which allows any enemy of the church to be spied on and hurt in any way possible. The disconnection policy that they practice rips up families. Multiple SEA Org members have admitted being pressured into abortions. Apparently, the Hubbardian conception of ethics and human rights are a bit different from most other people's definitions.

Mike Rinder, former Scientologist had the following to say regarding Sass' stand with STAND (STAAD?):

<blockquote>She believes victims of scientology — ONLY because they do not agree with scientology — are necessarily liars and bigots and should be fired. That we speak from OUR experience and she does not like hearing it means we are “discriminating against her religion.” Yet she has never been to the Gold base or even been in the Sea Org. Apparently she has not had a child at a scientology ranch. Nor has any family member disconnected from her and it seems she has not lost her job because her boss was informed by the Ethics Officer she was an SP. She’s probably given plenty of money and believes she could get it back one day because they told her that was the case (though it doesnt matter because “that’s never going to happen.”) In short, she knows not of which the victims speak.

But she KNOWS they are liars because they don’t agree that scientology should be allowed to continue to harm and abuse people.

Her assumptions are the very definition of hypocrisy.</blockquote>

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Anonymous No. 39961 2018-10-21 : 13:19

Between Yidsney and scientology the later is at least not pumping out pure filth targeted at children.

Anonymous No. 39963 2018-10-21 : 13:33

Webster’s dictionary- Scientology- A supercult that records confessions similar to the Catholic based cult but out in the open while wearing a truth detector. The confessions made will be used to blackmail said member into donations and never leaving the cult. Founded by the fiction author HG wells as a way to get rich and now embraced via hollywierd elites. Also has a pyramid scam type structure where the more $$ givin to the cult yields a higher rank. It’s believed the higher ranked dingbats will get a better seat on the spaceship to heaven. All Aboard!!! Tom Cruise is your copilot with Travolta as pilot in command!

Anonymous No. 39964 2018-10-21 : 13:37


I agree that Disney is evil, so is Big Pharma, but just because Scientology is against both of them doesn't make them any better.

Anonymous No. 39966 2018-10-21 : 13:48

Most religions are scams. But at least scientology doesnt have people strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up little kids.

Anonymous No. 39967 2018-10-21 : 13:54


Scientology is implicated in multiple deaths directly. There's also rampant child abuse in the cult. In the RPF they literally imprison people. I can't think of any mainstream religion in the US that's doing that right now. Hell, we don't even have Muslims strapping bombs to kids in the US, not saying it doesn't happen, but it's not happening in the USA.

Anonymous No. 39970 2018-10-21 : 14:13

Lol geez, what the hell is up with the $cientology apologists in this thread?

Anonymous No. 39985 2018-10-21 : 16:25

Fuck off, wog. Sea Org should R2-45 your ass.

Anonymous No. 40004 2018-10-21 : 19:24

I used to think Scientologists and Mormons were nuts, then I realized Christians honestly believe one day Jesus will fly out of a cloud over Jerusalem on a white horse, waving a sword.

Anonymous No. 92897 2018-12-18 : 19:03

I like scientists

they are smart

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