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Tommy Robinson Allowed To Become Millionaire On US Speaking Tour?

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The jailing earlier this year of activist journalist Tommy Robinson could blow up in the UK government’s face if they don’t pay attention. While many in British government circles already agree that Mr Robinson is far more popular since his release and that the press gag at the time was a mistake, one wonders what should be their next move?

As it stands, Mr Robinson could make more than £1m from a potential trip to the US next month, where he is invited to speak at events which will be attended by members of Congress in Washington and several neo-conservative think tanks eager to back him financially.

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Journalists in the UK recently admitted that the former English Defence League politician had secured a “massive payday” after being jailed for contempt in May, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations from supporters.

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Only problem now is that given the precarious judicial situation of Mr Robinson, who is still faced with a possible contempt of court verdict in the UK, it will be left up to the UK-US diplomatic relations to decide whether to grant him a visa or not. If they do, Mr Robinson could become a household figure in the US, even more so than he already is, and is then set to return to the UK afterwards with a hefty financial war chest allowing him to reignite a political career.

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Both the Middle East Forum (MEF), a US neo-conservative thinktank, and the right-wing David Horowitz Freedom Center have invited the 35-year-old, who already appeared on Fox news’s Carlson Tucker’s show to good reviews.

Anti-fascist campaigners Hope not Hate fear that: “the inevitable media coverage that will surround the visit will no doubt lead to an increase in his already significant monthly donations from America.”

“We believe that, should he be allowed to enter the US for this event, he stands to make in the range of £1m in donations with the potential for much more. America offers the opportunity for further large-scale investment in Lennon.”

“Both the organisations that have invited Lennon to the US have a history of donating large amounts to European anti-Muslim individuals and organisations.”

As an example, the Hope Not Hate organisation claims that alt-right figure Stefan Molyneux drew more than £1m from his Bitcoin wallet between February 2013 and January 2018 and that Mr Robinson is a significantly more high-profile person, thus his earnings could be far greater.

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a zio jew frontman No. 40678 2018-10-28 : 17:29

Tommy Robinson is a a good Zionist Jew front man. Do your research people. There are snakes and shills on the left, center and right!

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