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Man Smokes Meth, Tries To Have Sex With Crocodile

At Clifton Beach, just north of Cairnes, an unexpected turn of events let to what would amount to being a tale that could only seem like fiction.

However it was a brutal reality. An unidentified man was roaming along the beach with his friends when they began to binge on methamphetamine. The unidentified man however had apparently smoked more than he could handle of the drug and took of running down the shoreline.

Friends of the man say, “He gets completely uncontrollable when he's on the gear. We kept telling him to cut back a bit, because we were a bit worried, but we never expected anything like this to happen.”

One of his friends told of how the 26-year old began acting strangely after smoking a large amount of the drug. “We tried to get him to calm down but he was running all over the beach and acting like an idiot.” They were used to him acting irrational after getting high though they said. “In the past he’s just run out of energy and slept it off, and he’s always been fine the next day.”

What the friends say occurred next is the man began to take his clothes off, stripping completely naked. They say they could see a crocodile in the distance, and they thought maybe he was playing a joke with them.

In fact he had other intentions they said, “He was a few hundred feet down the beach when he started pulling his clothes off,” said the friend. “We thought he just wanted to streak or something but then up ahead we were shocked to see a croc.”

They claimed the yelled at him to stop messing around, and that the crocodile was around six feet long. “We were worried he was so off his face on ice he’d try to provoke it, but nothing would prepare us for what he did next.” one friend stated.

His next actions as described by the friend would stun them all. He said that the man completely naked now actually jumped onto the back of the beast and tried to have sex with it.

“We were still a fair distance back, but I reckon he just about got it in,” said the witness. “Of course, the croc wasn’t having a bar of it, and it started thrashing around like crazy.”

In complete shock, the friends watched with despair as the crocodile was able to latch it's fierce jaws around the man's torso and pull him into the water.

“There was some thrashing around under the water for a few seconds before nothing, it was just still” said the distraught friend.

The group, still high on methamphetamine and distant from reality then decided they had no choice but to call for emergency assistance. Soon after a search and rescue team was dispatched to the scene to try and locate the strung out crocodile lover.

“To be taken by a croc in those circumstances I wouldn’t be optimistic for him surviving it,” said one of the rescue team.

Experts suggest that use of the drug “ice” leads to increased sex drive in the individual who abused the drug. A health official who has experience dealing with methamphetamine addicts stated that, “In this case, with the man’s body under the influence of the drug, my conclusion is he became delusional and thought attempting sex with a crocodile was a perfectly sane act. This case serves as yet another reminder to anyone who uses, or is thinking about using methamphetamines, that there can be serious, deadly consequences to these drugs.”

He was never located and local authorities presume him to be dead. His name hasn't been released until they can find or identify the victim if he washes to the shore after his would-be reptilian lover disposes of his corpse.


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God speed, methed up crocodile fucker. You were the hero we deserved.

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