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Pregnant Women Should Practice Yoga and Avoid Sex

As an indicative guide to advise pregnant women to practice sports and hang beautiful pictures in the bedroom and avoiding the eating of eggs, meat, and provoke sexual arousal. The Indian Ministry of Ayosh junction, which promotes traditional medicine and alternative, last week distributed a small booklet consisted of 16 pages of mother and child care to journalists. Although the small booklet distributed since three years ago, it made the headlines since it’s re-published shortly before the celebration of the world yoga day, scheduled on Wednesday.

The manual describes by the Central Council for Research on yoga and therapy with natural materials, of the Ministry of the Ayosh Junction, describes some yoga exercises that pregnant women practice and exercise to avoid, and a list of foods that must be eaten and other foods preferred to avoid, and provides a list of recommended books to read, and any kind of friends should spend time with them, in addition to the kinds of images that must be considered.

Doctors in India say that, despite the existence of benefits in a booklet of advice, however, it would not be wise to follow the instructions contained therein word by word, and they provided an example with an advice on the menu. They added that it also included a list of foods that should be avoided, such as tea, coffee, sugar, spices and white flour and some fried foods and other types of cuisine that raised much controversy, such as eggs.

Observers say that the handbook is in line with the policy of the Government of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, which promotes the theory of plant-based food “vegetarian diet”, and felt that contains a set of risks, especially in a country like India, which resulted in high rates of malnutrition and anemia to occupy the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. Commenting on the criticisms, the Ayosh junction ministry issued a clarification in which it said that its suggestions to avoid certain Non - veg came because of the 'yoga and therapy natural materials does not prefer vegetarian food practices'.

The ministry accused the media of 'exercise CARTE'; in its coverage of the HIGHLIGHTED tips with eggs, meat, while apparently overlooked the unhealthy foods in the list. Further, doctors questioned the usefulness of the guide booklet.

Sonia, Nike, an Obstetrics and Gynecologist in Delhi, told the BBC: 'a doctor does not see any benefit in advised pregnant women not to eat egg or meat which are high sources of protein. She also says that pregnant women have hormonal reasons, that cause depiction of sex more than usual, we do not say to them to avoid sex unless it puts risk to the pregnancy.

However, the booklet includes instructions and advice about the benefits of yoga that are supported unanimously, Although the traditional quote says “that pregnancy is a critical period”, and advises pregnant mothers to be in comfort, doctors over the years advised mothers to exercise and introduce some change in their daily life. Nike said " now we all live a life free of activity, so yoga is a useful exercise. In fact, we advise women who come to us to exercise, so we offer them some lessons for the period before birth".

The Ministry of Health also included the benefits of the activities, although they advise pregnant women to stay away from activities that might expose the abdomen to shocks, such as boxing or football or basketball or ice hockey or activities that could lead to falling to the ground, such as horse riding and skiing and gymnastics.


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Anonymous No. 4082 2017-06-22 : 13:34

if i practied ygoa dnd acoviede sex, i woud robably get a lot more women prgantn

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