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Ben & Jerry's Latest Company To Learn #GetWokeGoBroke

It's a fairly simple equation that, despite ample examples, is still being ignored by large corporations: get woke, go broke. The problem is, even many moderate liberals and centrists are tired of identity politics and political correctness. Considering this one might think twice before coming up with a "Resist" themed ice cream promoted by professional rabble-rouser Linda Sarsour. The whole idea makes about as much sense as calling yourself a feminist and defender of Sharia laws while breaking several of those laws due to being a feminist.

Currently, the commercial they did, announcing "Pecan Resist" has comments disabled and the like/dislike ratio has also been removed but before that there was an incredible dislike to like ratio.

The #GetWokeGoBroke hashtag seems to have originated November of last year by Instapundit and was further popularized by Sci-Fi author John Ringo after he was banned from a convention following an online campaign run by SJWs working to discredit him.

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Other recent examples include Burger King invoking the discredited "pink tax" theory (commercial no longer available at the Burger King YouTube page, but I found a mirror), <a href="">the NFL</a>.

Evergreen State College being ranked as one of the <a href="">worst colleges for free speech in 2018</a> after the Brett Weinstein debacle. Meanwhile, they've only had <a href="">300 new enrollments this semester, a decrease of 50 percent according to Evergreen professor Michael Paros.</a>

As for Star Wars, the box office numbers and fans continue to drop off with each successive release. The first Disney Star Wars film, The Force Awakens grossed $780M, Rogue One was a bit over half of that at $445M, The Last Jedi grossed nearly $40M less. Disney's latest Star Wars film, Solo is expected to lose at least $50M, the first in the slowly sinking series to have brought in less than it cost to make.

The gender-swapped Ghostbusters movie lost, even more, at least $70M according to Forbes. Bear in mind, however, in the case of Ghostbusters and the Star Wars movies some have estimated much higher losses and it is understandable that, out of embarrassment, studios might try to hide massive losses. Dick's Sporting Goods experienced "significant declines in sales" before their stock price took a huge dump. Or the Roseanne spinoff, The Connors, being predicted to absolutely flop. Disney-owned Marvel Comics firing their SJW Editor-in-Chief when sales flopped. And these are just a few recent examples.

This formula doesn't always necessarily hold true though. Take for instance the highly successful Black Panther movie. I mean, I guess you could point out how technically Black Panther was a character created by two Jews and then produced by a couple white guys isn't exactly as pro-Black and #woke as claimed. Same with Nike. Despite a huge dump at the time of the controversy, Nike has recovered well. Again, an argument could be made the Kapernick gambit might be a good way to get the type of people who have opposed Nike for their sweatshop labor for years to jump on board.

Point is, and honestly, this goes for any sort of ideological pandering, generally when people want a sandwich, something to drink, a lighthearted comedy or a comic book they don't want it with a side of ham-fisted propaganda.

Eventually, some companies may actually even learn this.

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Anonymous No. 40919 2018-10-31 : 14:47

The fucking Jews

Ben and Jerry

Jew Score:13




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We're big fans of Jewish food. Matzoh brei, knish, blintzes, matzoh ball soup, latkes… Heck, we could go for a pastrami on rye right now. Mmmmmm…. pastrami on rye….

Jewish desserts on the other hand, not so much. Gelt are more foil than chocolate. Macaroons taste like they were made with sand. Rugelach, the best of a sorry bunch, are made with fig and apricot in them. Seriously, that's the best we can do? Fig cookies?

So we can't blame super-chunk-super-Jew-ice-creamers Ben & Jerry for stepping out of the milieu to bring us their tasty frozen treats (Cherry Garcia, FTW!). What can we blame them for? How about the lack of Jewish-themed flavors?

Rabbi Raisin Delight doesn't sound half bad. Or what about a frozen yogurt called No-Guilt Gelt? And who wouldn't enjoy a couple of scoops of Chocolate Chanukah Chrunch?

Yeah, not so much. Instead we get cone after cone of semi-cleverly named goyishe flavors. Delicious, delicious goyishe flavors…

Normally this is the point where we would threaten our fellow frozen landsmen with boycott if they don't step up to the plate, er, bowl. But it's all an empty threat. They could make Jesus' Jellybean Journey and we'd still choose it over a box of rugelach.

Verdict: Jew.

December 18, 2008

Anonymous No. 40939 2018-10-31 : 21:47

hotwheels is neptune .05?

Anonymous No. 40972 2018-11-01 : 11:07

Ben & Jerry are owned by Unilever.

They sold it for about $326 million.

Start digging into Unilever (Dutch company) which allows these stunts and see the ownership trail.

On April 18, 2016, Greenfield was arrested, with Ben Cohen, while at a Democracy Awakening protest in Washington, D.C.

Ever way another pair of LIBERAL MILLIONAIRES promoting Socialism.

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