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General Mike Flynn: It Is Time To Buckle Down And StandUp To Fight For Our Way of Life

General Michael Flynn was awarded the General Singlaub Award at the Phyllis Schlafly Gateway Eagle Council XLVII in St. Louis, Missouri.

Flynn’s mother was a friend and associate of Phyllis Schlafly for years. Flynn told the crowd he would ride on the pro-life float in Rhode Island parade and leftists would throw beer bottles at him as the float went down the street.

General Flynn delivered an epic speech.

@GenFlynn Accepts Award for Service to America (Video)

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General Mike Flynn's comments:

I want to make sure I am very precise, because I know there are a lot of people in the back row that will pay attention to what I say, and I want to make sure they get the words that I say right.

I really believe in the things I am going to say, and like I said I spoke to General Singlaub this week about serving America, and what it means to both of us. And I want to share some of our thoughts with all of you tonight.

Service to America requires us today and tomorrow to stand together as champions for freedom, and soldiers of liberty, who are on the right side of history.

Anything less cannot be tolerated if our country is to survive. For many of us, across our nation, we understand that this is not the first time that patriots have risen to this fight that we're in today.

More than 200 years ago, more than 250 years ago, Patrick Henry, a great patriot, who understood service to America, he warned his fellow countrymen that his choice against Great Britain's suppression of freedoms was crystal clear as mine is tonight. As he described whether to accept slavery to a monarch or freedom, seems like an easy choice.

Almighty God, he said, I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.

What an amazing thing to say at a time for the birth of our country.

Another great servant, Abraham Lincoln, fought for his vision to unite the North and the South as a new birth of freedom so that all people would be treated equally, without regard for color or race.

In his very famous Gettysburg Address of 1863, at the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery to honor Union soldiers who had died in the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln inspired our nation to fight on so that these dead shall not have died in vain and that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, by you, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

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Nearly, just slightly over 100 years later, in his 1964 speech at the Republican National convention, another great American servant and subsequently president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, redefined the very essence of why the fight by Americans against tyranny and injustice will never end. Must never end.

Reagan said, 'freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.' We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream, it must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.'

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This time, our time, our America, the urgency to act is that at the doorstep of our democracy. The future of this country depends on each one of you in this room tonight and many, many others that you represent around our great country.

This turning point is about the heart and soul of the United States of America. You cannot and must not be silent or take for granted that our great nation will not fall to the many threats that we face around the world, and some right here at home.

It is time, it is an absolute time, this weekend, tonight, never a better time, but it is time to buckle down, and listen up, and stand ready to fight for our way of life and our traditions.

Those who oppose our fundamental principles could take us down in the snap of a finger.

In my book, the Field of Fight, I stated, on page 111, 'We should not fear the Judeo-Christian principles that our nation was founded upon. We should not be in fear of that. We should cherish that, we should believe in that, we should be incredibly proud of that. I will always believe that.

To those in the room this evening, who have served in our military, or served as first responders, you represent our warriors around the world, and across our country.

And you all know what your respective battlefields look like. They are not pretty, and they are not perfect.

Definitely. And we fight or serve America not because –this is super important– we fight and serve America not because we hate our enemies, it is because we love our country.

We absolutely love the freedoms that we cherish. When we talk about why we fight… It is always about the buddy next to him, the person on your right or left. Deep down inside it is about the way we want to live, and the way we must continue to fight to continue to live for. Super important.

Our fight for individual freedom and liberty, as I described a little while ago, will also not be pretty or perfect.

We will be measured harshly, trust me, and our enemies will try to destroy us. But we cannot fail. There are moments in history that are seminal and then there are other moments that are monumental.

Major General Jack Singlaub was present at all of these during most of the last century, I mean like I said, the guy is 97 years old. I would not want to meet him in a bar fight tonight, he is a pretty incredible human being, and thank God our country has people like him.

He always responded to the call to serve, a call to duty, and in his way, with his gifts, his intellect, his courage, and his belief system, he served our country and continues to serve our country.

I'm standing here as a reflection of Jack Singlaub. because of his service.

Jack served our country with distinction, with honor, integrity, and with a dedication to liberty and freedom.

But above all, he dedicated his life to God, he dedicated his life to his family, and he dedicated his life to our country the United States of America!

On behalf of General Jack Singlaub and all and for all of his tremendous years of service and his service to America, I humbly accept this award.

I commit to General Jack Singlaub and to you tonight that I will never stop fighting and that I will never stop believing, our nation and its very existence are always at risk to tyranny, especially tyranny around the world.

My pledge of allegiance and my solemn vow is to our beautiful country, it’s flag, and that pledge will never waver, my pledge will never waver.

I know all of you feel the same, but every so often it's good to be reminded.

So to all of you, thank you so much, thank you for this honor, and I hope you enjoy this great weekend and God Bless America.

End of speech.

I stand with General Flynn. Flynn struck a plea months ago on a single felony charge of lying to the FBI. The FBI has been caught lying about a lot lately so why aren’t they being sentenced?

Flynn associates said that while the plea was a public admission of guilt, the purpose of the plea was to put a tourniquet on Flynn’s growing legal fees and to put the matter to rest so that he and his wife and family could begin to rebuild emotionally and financially.

Flynn recently put his house on the market to help with legal fees and other losses linked to McCabe’s probe, sources said.

That said, Flynn may have never lied to the FBI at all. His plea was merely a vehicle to end the bogus investigation.

Flynn’s sentencing has been delayed as more problems are uncovered about Mueller’s investigation, which was based on McCabe-influenced FBI personnel, which includes Peter Strzok, whose interview of Flynn was the basis for the federal charge against him.

Strzok has since been kicked off Mueller’s team and demoted inside the FBI for his anti-Trump bias. That would include or extend to an anti-Flynn bias as well.

If Flynn’s plea is not vacated by a Federal Judge in the District of Columbia, sources have stated President Trump will almost certainly pardon Flynn.

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18 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 41978 2018-11-11 : 14:35

I stand with Flynn!

Cody No. 41979 2018-11-11 : 14:41

General Flynn is an American Hero……

DA No. 41984 2018-11-11 : 15:30

Great article Lex.

I stand with General Flynn & believe he will be exonerated when the cookies are finished crumbling.

Not2far2right No. 41994 2018-11-11 : 16:59

Veterans Day is the perfect time to remember Flynn’s multiple sacrifices for our country. It would be a shame if his plea is not vacated by a judge. He shouldn’t need POTUS pardon.

Anonymous No. 42000 2018-11-11 : 17:49


Anonymous No. 42003 2018-11-11 : 18:32

I have the utmost respect for General Flynn! I am thankful for his patriotism, his love & commitment to our great Nation! I have no doubt that he will be exonerated of all accusations, and all monetary losses restored! My prayer is that it be soon!

Woot No. 42005 2018-11-11 : 18:43

This man would be a good choice for President, in 2024. FUCK the politician scumbags, that give their allegiances to the highest bidders and sit in constant treason against WE, the people, the REAL leaders of this country. They no longer represent us and the Constitution DEMANDS that they be removed by any means necessary. They MUST BE thrown off.

Jay Stang No. 42006 2018-11-11 : 18:49

Schlafly, Gen. Singlaub, Gen. Flynn's mother, all involved in the John Birch Society either directly or peripherally. is Trump a Crypto Bircher? Very interesting and exciting.

PittsburghGal1 No. 42016 2018-11-11 : 19:42

When the history books are written about this time in American history, many patriots will be added, General Flynn among them.

Sandy No. 42022 2018-11-11 : 23:18

You lead the way and I know 63 million that will follow. Call soon before our country goes down the tubes.

Tab No. 42025 2018-11-11 : 23:37

yeah, just one problem. the US military hasn't fought a just war for (freedom) since The Revolutionary War. … why doesn't Flynn spill the beans about 9/11 if he really cares about "freedom"? and Lincoln was a complete pos. fuck him and fuck, Flynn's politically correct speech.

Mona No. 42026 2018-11-11 : 23:39

So glad you did the article-standing with General Flynn

James No. 42032 2018-11-12 : 00:29

Great article. I will always sand with this great great man. A great Patriot

Anonymous No. 42036 2018-11-12 : 01:05

Thank you so much for these inspiring words and for your bravery during this time.

AO2 Thompson No. 42038 2018-11-12 : 01:25

GEN FLYNN, I STSND WIYH YOU, SIR!! Thank you for your service. Those of us "in the know" stand with you! WWG1WGA

Jo No. 42058 2018-11-12 : 04:29

I stand with General Flynn and hope that soon he will be cleared. I’m so happy he received this award, he is an awesome Patriot. I hope someday soon General Flynn will be cleared, and Mueller will be in Prison. Then Justice will be served.

T No. 42059 2018-11-12 : 04:29

Thank you for the article, lexy. General Flynn is a walking example of personal sacrifice. Such a great hero

Anonymous No. 42127 2018-11-12 : 20:02

Thank you, General Flynn, for being such a dedicated force, to ending the mess this Country has been in. Thank you, for putting your life on the line, so all of us may know what freedom feels like. I am 35 years old, and have never seen a true, working, and America-based government & leadership. Never believed my vote mattered (I was right), but…I came from a family of vets, true patriots, who took us as children, out of the US, under BC's administration. Theyre not here anymore, to witness this miracle, but know theyre watching, and so thankful & proud of you, our President, and the whole team driving this fight, for a true Republic again. May God bless you and your family, for all eternity.


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