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UK - Migrants Try Desperately To Cross British Channel

On the English Channel between the UK and France, more and more migrants are being rescued every night, as the groups camping out near Calais know that the Brexit vote, planned for 11 December, could mean a border closure for the British Isles.

The French press claimed that the phenomenon of Channel crossings has simply exploded.

Eight migrants were rescued last night on the English Channel at about 19 kilometers from Sangatte in the north of France. According to the maritime authorities, they tried to make the crossing to Great Britain.

The eight were aboard an inflatable rubber boat when they contacted the French emergency services around 3 o'clock, according to a communication from the prefecture for the Channel and the North Sea. The identity of the rescued persons is unclear, but they are most likely Iranian or Eritrean.

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The emergency services organized a rescue operation and found them around 5.20am. The migrants were received in the early morning in Boulogne-sur-Mer by French firefighters and handed over to the border police.

In the meantime, the French Coast Guard has also raised the alarm about the increasing number of people who try to swim towards ferry boats.

The French Coast Guard is already alarmed because more and more people are trying to cross the Channel in small boats. Eighteen migrants were rescued under the same conditions in the night between Wednesday and Thursday. They had tried to make the crossing with two boats. Last week, on Friday morning, eight people were rescued off the coast of Dover, and Saturday morning another five people were rescued by the French Coast Guard.

According to official figures, 106 people have been rescued from the channel this month. The recent wave of attempts to cross the Channel is attributed to an increase in organized crime in France. The vast majority of people trying to make the crossing would, according to the British broadcaster BBC, have Iranian nationality.


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Barry No. 91732 2018-11-27 : 13:37

To think these people in 3rd world countries around the globe are just all of the sudden deciding to form caravans and move to more developed countries is laughable! The Globalists scum have been the busy little beavers pushing their NWO agenda!

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