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France - New Hair Coloring Products Warning As Girl’s Reaction Goes Viral (Video)

19-year-old student Estelle went viral this week after she showed what had happened when she tried coloring her hair. The girl from Vitry, France placed the pictures of her frightening metamorphosis on the internet, and millions of French girls saw what happened.

The producer of the (French) product forbid their logo from showing in the pictures and video since.

Just coloring her hair before she would go out, Estelle thought. She didn’t know that her life would hang from a thread two days later. Due to an allergic reaction, her head became completely deformed. "I want to warn others about this, do not do like me", she says now.

The 19-year-old student from Vitry posted photos of her terrifying metamorphosis on Facebook. The culprit was PPD, a particularly allergenic dye that can be found in 90 percent of hair dyes.

Estelle had already had an allergic reaction, which is why she tested the product on her skin beforehand. However, she waited only thirty minutes, instead of the 48 hours that the instructions prescribe.

"Who can read that?"

"That was a stupid of me. Hence my call, please do not fall into the same trap," she advises other girls. Her mother thinks the warning should be more clear on the packaging. "Look at that small print, who can read that? But it can have catastrophic consequences," says mother Sygrid.

On November 16, Estelle decided to turn herself from a blonde into a brunette. A few hours later, however, she was itching and the top of her head started to swell. The pharmacist on duty gave her a soothing cream and a remedy for allergic reactions.

From bad to worse

But the situation went from bad to worse. "Two days later my head looked like a light bulb," says Estelle.
Mother Sygrid then brought her daughter to the emergency room. There they only knew the problem too well. After a treatment with corticosteroids and antihistamines, the girl was allowed to return home.

To give you an idea of the seriousness of the problem: the circumference of her head had actually grown from 56 to 63 centimeters. "We drove to the emergency department again soon after, and they assured us that the situation would improve," says mother Sygrid.

“Almost died”

"Problems with PPD are not new", explains dermatologist Catherine Oliveres-Ghouti. "2 to 3 percent of the population is allergic to it. Every year I see about fifteen patients whom are full of rashes and because of a swollen head look totally deformed. Hairdressers of course have the most problems. If they become allergic, there is no other option than to start a new profession. "

But PPD is also used in dark clothes, such as jeans and henna tattoos. "We have already warned a lot about it. Forbidding the product makes no sense, because then all dark hair dye should be removed from the store shelves. But the consumer needs to know what he is doing. Do not use hair dye if you have not tested it on your skin for 48 hours before. "

For Estelle the worst is now behind us. But a hair new color? No, that is no longer necessary. "I almost died, it was enough."


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Anonymous No. 91883 2018-11-29 : 16:02

This is why it usually tells you on the box to test the color on your arm to see if you are allergic to the product.

Anonymous No. 91885 2018-11-29 : 16:08

dumb bitch already had an allergic reaction the article reads.. this is her fault.. she put looks over well being typical narcissistic female.

Anonymous No. 91888 2018-11-29 : 16:27

For 30 years i have supported fictional interspecies/outside race (outside the human race) romance since i was 5 years old when i first saw The All New Adventures of Mighty Mouse's Littlest Tramp episode which is one of my fave episodes that deals with a human rich man named murray and a lovely blonde anthro mouse lady named Polly as they got married at the end of the episode and even kissed and appeared in another episode together. That really opened my mind when i saw that episode along with Beauty and the Beast the CBS series the one with Ron Perlman (Hey i had a thing for Linda Hamilton back then and i watched it with my mom ok) as it had a human woman and a humanoid cat person who was born from a tribe/race of cat people, Star Trek TNG, Animalympics (Kit and Rene being a lioness person and a goat person) and Splash (human male X mermaid) and showed me love is not by appearance or race of nonhuman person/species but by who the person is. Same thing with shows/movies when i was a kid like NightCourt to Scarface on TV to Angel Heart and seeing Tales from the Darkside the movie all showed me love isn't by the color of one's skin in real life. Then later i saw Alien Nation the series (human male X Xeno female), Babylon 5, Gargoyles (gargoyle male and human female), X-Men TAS (a mutant blue cat-ape humanoid man and a human woman plus Hepzibah/Corsair which i read in the comics of Marvel which has a human male X alien furry skunk cat-woman in love as i think it's a beautiful romance even a mutant named Xavier with Lilandra an alien bird woman), Roger and Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (saw this movie 4 times in theaters when i was 6), Marvel's Howard the Duck comics (human woman X anthro interdimensional duck person which is an adorable romance just like Jessica X Roger) and more to reading independent comics like Furlough comics which a couple of stories had human men with anthro females and all expanded my mind further when i get into the stories. A few fools thought Murray and Polly on Mighty Mouse All New Adventures's romance was "beastality" which is almost the same mentality of the colonial and slavery times when they said mixing ethicity was "beastality". Xenos (alien folks from other worlds), anthros (you know animal-like humanoid beings like Minerva Mink from Animaniacs to Bojack Horseman characters and furry artwork like you seen on furafffinity to Deviantart), mutants and magical creature beings (ala mermaids or ogres or gargoyles or something like that) do not represent the "inferior" beings sometimes as portrayed in stories or in some mainstream media. They represent "people who look different" metaphorically in fiction (even if Xenos do actually exist on other planets and anthros exist in another dimension with us humans as i believe in alternate dimensions) and some should be accepted as people as humans are not the only people around as there is life out there in the universe. Plus in fiction anthros, mutants, Xenos and magical creature beings are people too and some humans accept them in some stories or TV shows or animated shows or video games or comics. Me and one of my comic artist/regular artist pals Hattonslayden who is a good artist as he draws beautiful expressive art of human males with nonhuman females like anthros or xenos or magical creature folk and mutants) who are both the same age and he was raised/taught not to be a bigot/racist or judge anyone by their surface (skin color/ethnicity etc.) but to treat them all with respect even as equals with different skills/abilities. I was taught in a similar way like him only for me it was TV shows/movies like the ones i mentioned which have some human X nonhuman person romances while X-men/Alien Nation (had allegories to bigotry/racism to them and about accepting people who look different) to all the way my big brother and my teachers to one of my mom's boyfriends also taught me never to be a racist/bigot to people who look different even who looks different than us white folk even by the surface nor by deformed people or ethnicity and all to treat all people who look different with respect and dignity as their surface should not matter but who the person is. Hatton and I hate bigots, racism, double standards and when people act like their own "negative stereotype". I write human male X female anthro/female Xeno/female magical creature folk being/mutant female love stories myself in fanfiction. We both don't like Avatar (James Cameron) or Shrek or other transformation stories used to side step the "how you look is more important than who you are and how different we look as we can't accept each other". To me with him that is the same as taking the masterpiece "Guess who's coming to dinner" from 1967,which has a black man dating a white woman as he goes to her parents to prove once and for all that he's only a valid human as he is not inferior by his skin color so they would accept him. So "Avatar" and "Shrek"are both like "guess who's coming to dinner" where the main protagonist magically physically changes into a white man so the parents they don't have to accept anything. Or if the white woman magically turns into a black woman to suit the parents of the black man to satisfy their notions. or for Star Trek where a klingon woman and a human man fall for each other if the man turns into the same species/race as her which is totally ignorant and irrelevant in message. Hatton's nice artwork of human males in love with female Xenos, female anthros, female mutants and female magical creature beings to show it can be a nice and expressive thing even my human male X nonhuman female person stories to get rid of the Shreking/Avataring and double standards in mainstream media/fiction (which the double standards thing is almost a throwback to real life events like the days when slavery was legal as no one who isn't white wasn't considered human or even as a person because of the color of their skin when white folk had power/dominating egos in bigotry as there was even a book published in the southern part of the US on why people of different skin color are not human as they were "inferior" as non-white folks to even slaves and arabs were called "stupid dumb animals" before Abe Lincoln came along to do things right of freeing slaves to see them as people not as dumb animals like the racist back then thought so even to treat people of different ethnics with respect. But nowadays thanks to the successes of mainstream shows like Doctor Who (Vastra X Jenny), Bojack Horseman (anthros romancing anthros even married or romancing humans), Regular Show (Margot's parents being a human male X anthro robin female even Margot dating human males to CJ/Mordecai to Rigby/Eillen) and more as the Shreking, Avataring, the double standards (only mutants can be with other mutants or anthros be with other anthros or aliens be with other aliens or magical creature folk be with other magical creature folk) and stupid second double standard that only human women can be with nonhuman looking nonhumans is finally dying thanks to the success of shows like Bojack Horseman, Regular Show, Doctor Who, Voltron reboot (Hunk and Shay a human male X alien female), Mass effect, Skyrim, and more into the mainstream fictional stuff just like we all accept real life things like interracial romance/marriage to same gender marriage with "love wins" which fictional outside race (outside of human race)/species romance is a metaphor/allegory for and finally outside Deviantart/ and other furry/Sci-fi fantasy art/fanfiction sites that have human X nonhuman romances in art and fanfiction. I'm proud that the makers of the movie Wolf Children even of the shows Bojack Horseman and Regular Show shows love isn't by the same race/species of being there is. Afterall love is love no matter what species/race of being you are as Frank/Denise with Hana/Wolf-Man and Charolette/Kyle (human male X anthro deer woman) on Bojack Horseman love each other for who they are and not what they are, so inspiring in the mainstream now to see that appearances don't mean jackcrap especially Cheetah X Batman on Justice League. It shouldn't always mean the surface (race or species of being) would keep this up and now we are positive in this day and age of acceptance in fiction/media that people who look different than you don't matter as long as both partners are sentinent and consenting adults as the surface should not matter but who the person is, yet i prefer the human male X nonhuman person female variety more than the typical Beauty and the Beast style thing of human female with nonhuman male person thing as i relate to the human male thing like Kyle/Charolette on Bojack Horseman as i'm glad he married her and produced 2 offsprings of their own, same for Hunk on Voltron reboot romancing an alien woman to Frank Smith on Regular Show as there is way too many human female and nonhuman female people in fiction in pop culture already as it's nice to see a change for once where it's a human male with a nonhuman female person nowadays. Now what would be cool to follow this new mainstream trend if for the animaniacs reboot, they give Minerva Mink a human boyfriend..

john No. 91911 2018-11-30 : 04:52

You sicko mental patient. You belong in a padded cell. God almighty condemns the relationships you mention because it is an abomination. P.S. What does a young girls issue with black dye and a allergic reaction have to do with the stupid rant coming from you. Get out of the blog and peddle your mental problems elsewhere!

Anonymous No. 91912 2018-11-30 : 07:28

Yikes! E.T phone home..

Anonymous No. 91913 2018-11-30 : 07:29

Now she looks like Mark Zuckerberg.

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