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EU Horror Hair Dye Problem Astonishing Spread To Holland

Just yesterday, we presented you to the viral story of a woman from France who had found herself with a serious allergic reaction due to a hair dye product of a known European brand.

Today, another woman, this time from Holland, says she experienced the same issue, but after going to the hairdresser.

Meet Kim from Holland who, only 24 hours after she went to the hairdresser, experienced a similar problem. Kim went in for a regular hair coloring.

"Copper-colored to blond and also a bit shorter," she says.

The result was absolutely shocking.

"I was completely unrecognizable. My head was lit up, my face swollen with fluid, my eyes closed. It looked like a big burn, and that's how it felt. It itched, it burned, was intense red and it hurt."

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Kim's appearance after the treatment, which took place two weeks ago, corresponds to the severe allergic reaction that a 19-year-old French student recently received after she had purchased a box of hair dye for home use.

Estelle from Vitry (near Paris) posted the perplexing changes to her face on social media and was overloaded with reactions. "I suddenly had a spherical head, my face looked like a light bulb," the young woman described.

Kim also changed in no time and still has a hard time with it. "I'm still processing it all. The swelling has disappeared, I am myself again, but my head still feels awful."

In the hair dye that Estelle used, PPD or paraphenylene diamine was present, a chemical that appears in many coloring products. Certainly also in the dye with which the hair of Kim was treated. "That is still being investigated," she says. "The hairdresser who treated me is very shocked."


Dutch Kim and French Estelle are not the only ones who have experienced such allergic reactions after hairdresser visits or self-coloring. A sparse survey of such hypersensitivity reactions showed that no less than 7.1 percent of hairdressing clients had an allergic reaction due to treatment with dye with PPD.

Kim, who would rather not have her last name in the paper, says: "The point is that there is nowhere where you are tested whether you are allergic or not, while it clearly says in the instructions this should happen. Given the number of women using this product, such a test should be standard."


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Anonymous No. 91919 2018-11-30 : 10:26

With hypersensitivity reactions showing up in at least 7.1 percent of hairdressing clients for Hair Dyes with PPD.

It is time we BAN ALL HAIR DYES.

After all we ban Peanuts with have only a 0.6% to 0.9% of 1 % ...

OK !
Multi Hair Color women are you ready to
jump on this BAN Wagon? ☻☺☻

Anonymous No. 91951 2018-12-01 : 03:42

They don't call it DIE for a reason. Think about what you are doing at all times. THEY don't care about YOU

Anonymous No. 92028 2018-12-02 : 03:22

Women logic:
Dark skin? Try to make it lighter.
Light skin? Try to make it darker.
Dark hair? Try to make it lighter
Light hair? Try to make it darker
Medium skin? Try to make it darker or lighter.
Medium hair? Try to make it darker or lighter.

Not satisfied with any hair color? Dye it purple, blue, green or red.

Same thing for eye colors. Women are never satisfied. What they really need is a treadmill.

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