By: Steve Dellar | 12-01-2018 | News
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Facebook – COO Sandberg Wanted Secret ‘Dirt’ On Soros

Sheryl Sandberg, the most powerful person within Facebook after Zuckerberg himself, instructed her staff to find incriminating material about notorious Facebook critic and billionaire investor George Soros. That revelation means the Facebook chiefs clearly knew what was going on when a lobbying company wrote negative stories about Mr Soros (and rival companies of Facebook)

Business model

Who is the control freak that threatens to lose her grip?

49-year-old Sheryl Sandberg is always at the center of attention. Allowing Zuckerberg to devote his time completely to the further development of the platform, she was the one who went on PR trips, did the talk shows, and, importantly, brought in the business model that allowed Facebook to make money out of user data by selling targeted advertising when she moved from Google over to Zuckerberg’s company in 2008.

Now once again the eyes of the world are on her, but perhaps not in the way she’s used to.

Revelations show that COO Sandberg ordered a senior employee to find incriminating material about George Soros.

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With this, the Facebook top woman seems directly involved in earlier allegations about the spread of conspiracy theories by the social network. Soros has played a leading role in all kinds of conservative and anti-Semitic hate campaigns for years because of his support for democratization projects and other political goals.

Sandberg asked her employees to investigate which ties and financial interests the Hungarian-American investor had.

She did so in January after Soros had strongly criticized Facebook and Google in a speech at the World Economic Forum. That both Sandberg and Soros are Jewish makes her move all the more remarkable.

As she said in her bestseller ‘Lean In’, you’re supposed to ‘take risks and dare to fail.’

Did Sandberg follow her own advice a bit too enthusiastically? It certainly seems so.

Nobody is saying 'resignation' at this moment, but after all Facebook disclosures and scandals of 2018, the American star COO has certainly fallen of her own pedestal.

In a statement reacting to the news, the tech giant claims that Soros was already being investigated before Sandberg gave the order. "He is an important investor and we have looked at his Facebook-linked activities."


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3 Comment/s
bishlap No. 91961 2018-12-01 : 11:21

Birds of a feather fighting together? What's going on here, aren't these two lefty loons in the same boat?

bishlap No. 91962 2018-12-01 : 11:22

Soros is jewish by birth only. He's a self-hating jew that admittedly fought for and with the Nazi's. You can look it up ...

How Great is this? No. 92000 2018-12-01 : 20:57

Enemies now & each without morality.

May they battle till both go down in flames.

Let the good times roll!

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