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Bethesda's Fallout 76 Permanently Bans Players For Using Homophobic Slurs

Online video games are becoming bigger and bigger as technology increases offering players a chance at a second life inside a virtual world. Many people play video games that simulate real life with everything from buying homes and cars with money earned from your job. Some servers even have player-controlled fire and police departments for games like Arma 3 and Grand Theft Auto V.

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But if a clean city with a smooth functioning society in place is heaven, Fallout 76 is hell and its supposed to be. The newly released and controversial Bethesda title Fallout 76 offers players a chance to exist in an open world following nuclear war where everything is a wasteland filled with radiated creatures and bands of roving robbers who would kill you for your armor.

That is the virtual world where this story takes place, a gamer who goes by the name AJpls tweeted a video at the developers of him playing Fallout 76 and being chased by a group of other players who were clearly doing their own version of role-playing bandits, killers, and thieves. But that isn't all that got AJpls upset; he reported the group to Bethesda for using.. get ready for it... HOMOPHOBIC SLURS!

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That's right! In 2018, in a video game filled with everyone from little tiny kids to full grown adults the communication is going to be full of macho players looking to talk shit to people. Is it anything new to go around talking shit? I can understand if you are gay and feel like you, in particular, are being targeted and harassed for your sexuality, but Fallout 76 is an online video game.

Other players can't know your real-life sexuality, and when your playing a video game whose main point is to go around killing other people to steal their gear and use it to fortify your defenses are you really that surprised when some players act homophobic? The group goes around just asking people if they are gay and claims to be cleansing the land and call themselves the "gay eliminators."

I am certainly not excusing the group's behavior, I don't condone online bullying, but I do think if you are going to play an online game that is rated Mature you should probably be able to handle some smack talk. If the roles were reversed and I was AJpls playing Fallout 76, and I was being chased around by a group of gay people and told I needed to be cleansed if I was heterosexual I wouldn't give two shits. Meanwhile, the shill media and gaming websites are calling the short clip a "disgusting homophobic attack." One Twitter user replied to AJpls' tweet saying, "Bro you wouldn't have lasted ten seconds in an Xbox party chat back in the bo2 days."

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I'd probably be willing to play along since getting any kind of role-playing action with other real players in a game like Fallout 76 makes the experience more immersive. Well, I guess in 2018 you can't even pretend to be homophobic in an online game if you say anything hateful about gay people at all you will get permanently banned from a game you paid anywhere from $60 to $200 for.

This seems ridiculous to me; you can't regulate a video game that simulates the aftermath of the apocalypse and then ban players for playing the game in a way you find to be offensive. The developers didn't seem to think it would be a problem either since they didn't even implement a way to report players. They do offer a way to block other players permanently, so why couldn't this user just block the people he didn't like? A look at his Twitter profile explains it, he is trying to make a career as a Twitch streamer and wants attention.

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Another thing I find ironic is even after searching several websites including Bethesda's and Fallout 76's official websites; I could find no terms of use or code of conduct for players to know what can get them banned. The negative press surrounding Fallout 76 just gets worse each day, it sounds like if you say anything that could be deemed offensive at all and someone records it and sends it to the developers, they will ban you for life.

I don't think I'll be buying Fallout 76, even after it went on sale a week after release for just $35 on Amazon.

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Hardeharharhar! No. 92025 2018-12-02 : 02:49

That`s just funny.

Hey Bethesda! Stop being such fairies! No need to act like a bunch of fudge packers over a little humor. Hell stop acting so gay about this. FYI being a SJW in the gamer industry will tank profits Bethesda.

rant No. 92036 2018-12-02 : 05:52

"Many people play video games that simulate real life with everything from buying homes and cars with money earned from your job."

One day many, (not all of course) of those people will exit their gamer wombs and find out REALITY is far ahead of what rights they thought they had in their virtual world. What percentage of gamers have any clue what the EU is doing to freedom of speech - who is Tommy Robinson?, what is global immigration policy doing to their culture/sovereignty and right of self governance/determination, how much influence the EU has over American leadership/politics (dossier evidence), Kerry flip-out over Iran sanction reinstatement, and what is being 'normalized' in American society through the media/hollywood, what is the MIC, what are their goals, who funds them?, goals tactics and strategies of the NWO, what is the NWO?, what the right to bear arms in the US is really worth, perhaps that Child Fuckery and Satanism is institutionalized in many European (often elite) societal enclaves (childs Alisa and Gabriel Dearman's initial testimony then 'recantment'), why did Jimmy Seville die of old age, who is Fiona Barnett - have ever youtube searched "Alefantis Instagram" (who is James Alefantis? why might it be difficult to locate those images?), have read 1984, have any idea of Communism's goals/tactics/strategies during the cold war, what China is doing to their Uyghur citizens in re-education camps, did they watch the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, winter's coming for their generation and it ain't going to be some hypnotic HBO bullshit? Why does California law recognize so many 'protected' classes, what would it take to get them to RAT to the Gov't on their family member or fellow citizen (it's happening now with anti 2A legislation, who should the gov't be accountable to, what is mail-in ballot harvesting and what it means for democracy and freedom, has there always been SHIT on So Cal streets. What political official really gives a shit what is happening to minority neighborhoods in liberal controlled cities (chicago/baltimore) - anything being done about it? American media is run predominantly by a certain "group' of untouchables - why are they untouchable?. There is a battle for the mind of America's youth and may be too late if they don't wake up soon ! Mission #1 abolish 2A everything after that can be read about in history books (specifically the rise and reigns of Hitler and Stalin - what happens in communist China pretty much stays there). LIES are what will destroy the US culture/society/sovereignty only in it's third century.

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