By: Courtney Tubbs | 12-04-2018 | Caravan
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Border Patrol Arrests 1900 Illegal Aliens Near Rio Grande Valley Over 4 Days

The United States of America's Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced that they've arrested over 1900 illegal aliens over just the last weekend.

Credit: Local CBS Affiliate Channel 4 Valley Central

The enormous victory comes on the heels of an endless flow of illegal alien “caravan,” where would-be invaders planned to flock into the United States of America.

"The smugglers don't care for the individuals they're crossing, all they care about is the money. They see these as a commodity, not as people," said Border Patrol Agent, Marcelino Medina told local news affiliate CBS Channel 4 Valley Central.

The arrests began on November 30th, where Border Patrol Special Agents from the Weslaco Station rounded up 73 illegals near Hidalgo, Texas.

Amidst those arrests, included at least one verifiable MS-13 gang member, according to RGV Sector Chief Manuel Padilla, Jr.

MS-13 is a dangerous criminal gang comprised of bloodthirsty illegal aliens, whom last summer beheaded a 13-year-old autistic girl in Alabama and murdered the child's grandmother.

Credit: Alabama: Illegals Force 13-Year-Old Girl to Watch Murder of her Grandmother, Then Behead Girl

Then, on Saturday, December 1st, Border Patrol Special Agents were able to prevent an additional 27 human smuggling operations.

Padilla said that on the battlefield of protecting America's borders, agents also recovered 2,500 pounds of marijuana from the would-be human smugglers.

The above finding again proves that these aren't refugees or asylum seekers, but violent and dangerous criminal aliens who seek to flood the United States of America with drugs and contraband.

Thankfully, the brave agents of the US Border Patrol prevented the flood of Mexican contraband into the nation.

On Monday, December 3rd, an additional 51 illegal aliens were found near Granjeno, all of whom were taken into custody.

"When these illegal aliens are partaking in this journey, they are not prepared. They are malnourished, they don't have very much water, very little food. They're not prepared," said Medina. "The majority of these individuals are from Central American countries, like El Salvador and Honduras, Guatemala.”

Even more so concerning is that Medina says the activity along the border from illegal aliens has begun to take a deadly turn.

Skeletal remains believed to belong to illegal aliens murdered by the smuggling operators have been found, alongside abandoned children and families who've escaped from their clutches.

"Just this weekend, Border Patrol Agents discovered two skeletal remains and then recovered one body in the Rio Grande," said Medina. "Plus, this (Monday) morning, Border Patrol Agents found the body of a deceased person in a canal in Mission. The cost of them coming to the United States should never be their life.”

Breitbart News reports that among the weekend’s interception of dangerous illegal aliens, two child sexual predators were also arrested.

Credit: Breitbart News

According to Medina, since just October 1st of 2018, over 41,000 illegal aliens have been arrested along the Rio Grande Valley.

Once again, such shocking statistics stymies the efforts of open borders propagandists, who undoubtedly wish to see the “browning of America,” as RINO Ben Shapiro once called it.

Conservatism alone has conserved nothing — both the failed immigration policies of an otherwise great President in Ronald Reagan and the dangerous Hart-Cellar Act of 1965.

Credit: Center for Immigration Studies

The Hart-Cellar Act forever changed the face of America, similar to as Reagan’s immigration policies further pushed America closer to a White Minority.

“Demographics are Destiny,” albeit we appreciate the Border Patrol Agents doing their part along the Rio Grande Valley.

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3 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 92178 2018-12-04 : 22:35

Muh Asylum though??

john No. 92194 2018-12-05 : 16:27

I support the border patrol. They are finally doing what they were paid to do. Under the regime of that criminal obummer they just stood around and handed out water bottles to these foreign invaders. Now they are doing a great job keeping them out. With fifty six million foreign invaders already in our country we can see the damage they have done to our culture and our republic. We can thank the Republicans for doing nothing to stop the flow of terrorists from invading illegally. The liberal satanists are using false propaganda they learned from Joseph Goebbels to brainwash the unsaved massas. How many children coming across our border are carrying drugs, diseases or worse explosives across our borders. We need the wall before their hope of taking over turns into a civil war.

Patricia Smith No. 92217 2018-12-06 : 05:35

We do not want to pay 20 years cost of jailing. STOP THE INVADERS AT ANY COST.

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