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Alex Fields Jr. Who Plowed Into Charlottesville Crowd Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder

Just a little over a year ago, a woman who was attending a counter-protest of a lawfully gathered group was killed when a Dodge Challenger plowed into a crowd of agitated people. The anger toward the right-wing Unite the Right Rally which had acquired the necessary permits to gather prompted an unexpected group of people looking to mostly cause trouble for the Unite the Right Rally.

So these people were unlawfully gathered and were reportedly attacking cars according to James Field Jr., the man who was just convicted for the death of Heather Heyer in August 2017. Fields Jr. The accused spoke with his mother from the jail saying that he never broke the law his entire life and he gets mobbed by a group of terrorists and now his life is over. Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Nina-Alice Antony said there is no evidence to support Fields Jr.'s claim that he was attacked.

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While it is impossible to confirm whether Fields Jr. was attacked by a mob before the video of him plowing into the crowd, an officer who followed Fields Jr. after the incident testified that the Dodge Challenger, now with visible damage from the accident, passed several Highway signs and had the opportunity to flee but didn't.

I have an unpopular opinion, I think those people had no right to disrupt the Unite The Right rally by throwing punches, setting off smoke bombs, and spraying chemicals at the lawfully gathered group. That crowd of people wasn't supposed to be there, they were being violent, and if someone felt in fear for their life and tried to escape and your dumb ass is in the middle of the road, I'm getting the hell out of there.

That being said, did Fields Jr. really need to go the direction that he did? There was clearly an intersection in the video that Fields Jr. could have turned in either direction on. If it were me, I'd pick the empty road versus the one full of people and stopped cars and other obstacles. I think he could have gotten away from the scene without picking the route with the most people on it and apparently, the jury agreed because they found him guilty of first-degree murder.

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Some evidence the jury heard which is also not exactly in favor of Fields Jr. was text messages exchanged with his mother. She said for him to be careful to which he replied, "we are not the ones who need to be careful" with a picture of Adolf Hitler. Overall, I have faith in our justice system and

Commonwealth of Virginia

As the trial came to an end Thursday, prosecutors revealed more photographs of Fields Jr. in the minutes leading up to the vehicular assault. He had met another couple from the Richmond area at the rally as it was ending and he gave them a ride to their car. He also asked if they wanted to go get lunch but they declined.

Prosecutors showed this photo of Fields Jr. in a convenience store just minutes before the assault. They claimed it was important for jurors to see that Fields Jr. had an intent to harm others and made a decision to act of "ill will, hate, and anger", although I'm not sure how you get that from this photograph.

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Commonwealth of Virginia

The defense attorney, Denise Lunsford, closed by telling jurors it was important to review whether Fields Jr. acted out of malice. She also showed a photograph taken from Fields Jr.'s Instagram account of a meme which depicts a car plowing into pedestrians. She said that memes don't always indicate intent. The Goldwater will continue to follow this story, but a sentencing date has not been announced.

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Anonymous No. 92311 2018-12-08 : 05:51

Look at this soy boy...

NN2N No. 92323 2018-12-08 : 10:49

If he did this to Kill/Murder vs. Escape a bat swinging, hate fill, illegally present (No permit) mob. Then what he did was wrong.

An yes he needs to hang if his intend was murder.

However, having seen, like many of us, the NON-MSM videos. I was quick to note how many of the peaceful Left wing protesters had baseball bats and were chasing him / the car down the street.

So likely this will be appealed and more evidence will be presented after the Mob Fever has subsided and media allows a cooler trial to take place quietly without the Liberal MSM MOB overshadowing it..

Who knows his 1st degree murder charge may change to Involuntary manslaughter????

tab No. 92344 2018-12-08 : 15:16

Heather died of a heart attack because she was an obese cig-sucker. she wasn't hit by the car! this was a jury of your fears .

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