By: Steve Dellar | 12-08-2018 | Caravan
Photo credit: Facebook Mountain Minutemen

Caravan – Mountain Minutemen Militia Guards San Diego Border

Just as the border patrol arrests at the Mexican border are reported to have jumped 78 percent in November compared to a year ago, the San Diego Mountain Minutemen militia vows it will continue to stand guard.

68-year-old Robert Crooks says he normally sleeps during the day. At night, when smugglers try to get drugs or migrants into the US, he wants to be alert.

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The border fence at Campo, California, is in some places only 2 meters high. On that mountain there, Mr Brooks points to a bush in the distance where Mexican smugglers are on the lookout so that their companions can see when the American border guards are no longer there. He stands at Patriot Point, as Crooks has called this windy hill.

He is the foreman of the Mountain Minutemen: a civil guard militia at the border near San Diego, not far from the Mexican city of Tijuana, where thousands of migrants have arrived with various caravans from Central America.

Mr Crooks has been keeping a watch here for thirteen years now. Often alone, but ever since the migrant caravan news became in the US, he has been joined by more men who wanted to prevent the Hondurans and Salvadorians from sneaking into the US without being seen. Last month, he was joined by Dan Russell, a retired fireman from San Diego, and Terry Marshall, a pensioner who came all the way from Iowa.

"Because look around you," says Mr Marshall. “Do you see any border control?''

A moment later appears in the arid void one of the white cars of the police, but that cannot keep the nearly 3,100 km long American southern border watertight.


And so, the three men on the hill search for intruders themselves. Mr Crooks says the Central Americans are like invaders, as if an army invasion is coming. "Because they are an army. It is a barefoot invasion of our country. Mexico has offered them to stay there, and they refuse."

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Mr Crooks only sees 'young men of military age'. He speaks of 'cockroaches' whilst his colleague Marshall says he does not want to demonize the migrants, but admits that border crossers are “in any way criminal, that's in their heart.”'

Department of Homeland Security

Meanwhile Ms Katie Waldman, a Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman, admitted the jump in November arrests and thus also the number of border crossers, stating the numbers "are the predictable result of a broken immigration system including flawed judicial rulings that usurps the will of the American people who have repeatedly demanded secure borders."


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11 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 92353 2018-12-08 : 16:42

Mr Crooks posing for a tough guy pic with his fuckng finger on the trigger! This guy is an example of why half cocked militia are a bad idea. Wait till he “accidentally” shoots someone and Nancy Pants or any other open border politician starts yapping and see how that helps secure our country.

john No. 92363 2018-12-08 : 18:05

Dear Anonymous, I hope these criminal terrorists from south america come visit you. If they do they will rob you or worse. They're not coming over here to find work but to rape and murder young women and to sell drugs. Some of them are muslim terrorists from Iran or Pakistan. What are you doing to stop the invasion; Nothing but mouthing off, you hypocrite. I commend Mr Crooks for doing what he can to stop this invasion. Eventually the United States will have so many of these terrorists in the USA that the mitilias will be forced to take major action against these foreign criminals. What will the police and the military do when this happens. Will they murder the very people who are paying their salaries. The truth is that the military should be allowed to use weapons against these invaders and the local police should cooperate with ice but we have worthless traitor judges, politicians and law enforcement doing nothing. They are forcing the militia's to do their job.

Anonymous No. 92368 2018-12-08 : 18:48

Anonymous No. 92353 - look again, his finger is on the rear of the guard, not on the trigger.

sssscs No. 92389 2018-12-09 : 04:05

the people who love the USA should file a suit against the democrats who not protecting the citizens and they should stand down and they should repay the USA for what has and is spent on the illegal massive community. they are responsible for this democrats from the senate to congressman to governors to mayors to police to sheriffs they should held accountable for monies that have used to help the illegals they should be charged with aiding and abetting the illegals.they do not deserve to held up above USA legal citizens as if they are the real citizens all across america the homeless whether it be 1 person or families living in cars tents cardboard boxes they should be given the help that democrats liberals and progressives offer these animals that sneak in like a robber. the people of the USA should stand shoulder to shoulder and bring a lawsuit for treason in helping and aiding and abetting these invaders. they should immediately removed from their positions. and for ever illegal invaders that is here that should be a crime and charges brought against everyone for aiding and abetting the foreign invaders.

Oh Boy Babbit! No. 92395 2018-12-09 : 05:15

It sure would be easier than hunting rabbits.

It`s amazing that when you when you hunt animals repeatedly in the same area, they tend to figure it out & keep away.

Anonymous No. 92396 2018-12-09 : 05:30

Anonymous No. 92368
2018-12-08 : 18:48
Anonymous No. 92353 - look again, his finger is on the rear of the guard, not on the trigger.

Correct safety first always. Never point a gun at anything you don`t intend to shoot.
Remember windage & elevation & 500 yard watermelon shots are easy.

Al Lejdly No. 92468 2018-12-10 : 04:19

We need a whole lot more of the militia on the border. If the illegal ALIENS become a threat to them they will shoot first, ask questions later.

tab No. 92531 2018-12-11 : 15:59

@ Anonymous No. 92368

i don't give a shit! go away...

Anonymous No. 92677 2018-12-14 : 10:55

$10 a scalp and put NAs to work

Tamra Furlani No. 94500 2019-07-07 : 05:32

Thank God for the minute men and the Militias. THEY ARE THE MILITARY, on the inside of our borders, keeping us safe, and never spending your tax dollars. People should be grateful for these men.

Angie No. 95013 2020-01-31 : 05:12

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