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New Jersey - Three Teenage Girls Beaten Over Parking Dispute

An interesting event unfolded in a parking lot at the Deptford Mall Friday night. Three teenage girls named Taylor McFadden, Alexandra DeRusso and Tatum Bohanon learned a valuable life lesson. In a world where the youngest generation is growing up with the internet and having a cell phone attached at the hip at all times, the importance of teaching social interactions outside of social media and how not to be a victim.

The group of three teens was parked when a dispute broke out over a parking spot between another group of people. It began when 18-year-old McFadden was sitting in her car parked near the mall's entrance while talking to two 19-year-old friends who were standing near the passenger side of the car.

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"I noticed the car had pulled up behind me," McFadden explained. "I had told my friend to wait because I was not pulling out yet because I wanted to sit and wait. Another car, about three cars out from me, was pulling out, and some people backed into that spot and got out of the car and came walking past my car." She went on to say that four people, two men, and two women, walked past their car while mumbling something.

McFadden claims she didn't think they were talking to them but one of the women began yelling at them. "She said, ‘I hope you are not talking to us'," McFadden said. "They turned around and came walking toward us. My friend came around and said 'Listen, ma'am, you guys are older than us'." Things got physical when one of the women smacked one of McFadden's friends while the other woman grabbed her other friend and threw her to the ground and began beating her.

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"Both of my friends were on the ground at this point, getting punched," said McFadden. "I jumped out of the passenger side and I grabbed my phone so that I could call the police. People started coming over, but I think a lot of people were scared to get involved." Just like a good little liberal, McFadden asked the women to stop hitting her friends while she called the police.

"While I am on the phone with the police, I tried to get my one friend away from them," McFadden explained. "The shorter woman turned around and grabbed my face and pushed my head back and my neck bent, and someone punched me on the right side of my face." That is when the women also began shouting racial slurs to the teens who they were attacking.

"I was on the phone with the police at the time and I just started reading the license plate over and over to the dispatcher because I knew they were going to try to leave," McFadden said. "They got in their car, and they were screaming 'you dumb white bitches. You are too comfortable.' They just kept reiterating that we were white and too comfortable, and we were stupid white girls and all this stuff." Is this starting to sound like a hate crime to anyone else?

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Both DeRusso and Bohanon are white but McFadden is half-white and half black. "The one woman turned to me and said she was not talking to me," McFadden said. "I didn't know what to say because I was on the phone with the police. They tried to hit me with their car and drove off." While the 3-minute assault was unfolding, the victims screamed for mall security. This is what the left is teaching young people, they want young people to rely on government and not defend themselves.

Had these girls been prepared for a situation like this and not told that the whole world is a safe space by the leftwing dominated educational system, things might have gone down differently. McFadden said the 3-minute attack felt like it went on for 10 or 15 minutes, that is because when you are in fight or flight mode you experience time distortion. So many people who have never been assaulted or in any situation where their physical safety was at risk, or even their lives, don't know the symptoms of fight or flight. So when their body goes into this preprogrammed mode, they lose fine motor skills, experience time distortion, experience auditory exclusion, just to name a few symptoms.

Be prepared for anything, know what effects a situation will have on your body so you can learn how to control them and keep a cool head. These teens were the perfect victims and the pieces of garbage who assaulted them knew it. The assault is currently under investigation, according to Deptford Police Captain Kevin Pancoast. Just remember, the left wants you to rely on the government, but the police can't show up in time to save your life.

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john No. 92519 2018-12-11 : 07:13

Where were the police when the muslim scum declared sharia law in Dearborn Michigan. Now it is not safe to go their unless you are a muslim. The whites including woman will be at the top of the list of victims because they are hated by all non whites but this is not a hate crime by the liberals. This crime is the result of extreme gun control. We need white woman to carry guns to protect themselves. The liberals hate whites and do not want them to be able to protect themselves, this is why the liberal militants want to create gun control. As more non whites emigrate to the US the more crimes against whites will occur . The liberals are trying to exterminate the white race and illegal immigration will accomplish just that. California and New Jersey are perfect examples. As whites are forced out by racism and crime created by foreigners the cities become uncivilised slums. The foreigners move in, go on welfare and their children become the gangs and businesses move out. Countries without whites are uncivilized ghettos not fit to live in.

Anonymous No. 92539 2018-12-11 : 19:06

The houae nigger let her friends get beaten. Some friend

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