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Fire Rages at Google Offices in Beijing

Google has come under heavy fire as of late - this time by way of a burning inferno at the Beijing, China offices in the Zhongguancun tech district – known as China’s Silicon Valley of the East.

For the major globalized corporation of Google, it's another sign of the dangers of doing business in China, where fire codes are next to nonexistent, and the thought of “insurance” is a pipe dream.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Google’s CEO was slammed by members of the US House Judiciary Committee, in a series of testimonials believed to have been less than forthcoming.

Lawmakers asked Sergey Brin about a wide variety of subjects, including his company’s planned involvement into China's oppressive censorship.

Smoke could be seen billowing into the skies surrounding the facility on social media, with some of the employees reporting to have been told to evacuate the premises.

Last week, a bomb threat that's purported to have been a hoax prompted the shutdown of CNN Headquarters in New York.

CNN HQ Evacuated over Alleged Hoax Bomb Threat.

A tech war between the United States and China has begun to heat up in recent months, as President Trump encourages America first policies across the board.

Google Plus Is So Full Od Breaches It's Being Shut Down For Good.

Google has had a bad few weeks, with the announcement of the shutdown of the Google Plus platform, and endless criticism over YouTube Censorship.

This comes amidst announcements that Google has assisted foreign governments with crackdowns on dissidents.

Google’s Project Dragonfly Will End Freedom Of Speech

On Capitol Hill, founder Sergey Brin testified that Google assisted China for the first time. Before the interview, there was no public acknowledgment.

Many are asking about the chances of a fire breaking out at a Chinese office facility all while Google is under scrutiny by lawmakers, sparking numerous conspiracy theories as to the logic behind the blaze.

This is still a developing story; we'll update with new information as it arrives.

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Anonymous No. 92620 2018-12-13 : 11:05

Burning evidence maybe, before the Chinese Gov. can get it?

Now Jokingly said: They got a subpoena for Hillary's Public Servers Missing Emails, documents and Memos.

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