By: Courtney Tubbs | 12-14-2018 | Opinion
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Betsy DeVos Tried to Stop $150 of Student Loan Relief- She Lost.

The Department of Education via Secretary DeVos lost a court battle on Friday, in a win for 15,000 students who were misled by now-shuttered colleges into signing into student debt.

The lawsuit, which protects one strong Obama-era policy of reimbursing students through debt forgiveness, was designed to help the next generation of world leaders.

Most of those affected by the student loans had high hopes between 2013 and 2018 and were misled by false advertising and fraudulent college campuses.

Colleges are known as “for profit” schools have designed schemes to enroll millions of Americans nationwide into their “online” and “local” facilities over the last two decades. The one strong suit of the Obama Administration is that it recognized the threat of these campuses, many of whom weren't accredited in the first place, and filed motions for “borrower defense.”

This effort began in 2016, formally, after at least 15,000 US students who were agreed into lifelong debts with the Department of Education and these schools learned that many of the facilities would be closing.

In short, these students were stuck without degrees, or with useless degrees, and told that they would owe a combined 150 million dollars.

One of the most unpopular policies of the Trump Administration came through Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who sided with the students and tried to prevent those who owed useless student loans from seeking relief.

As the 2018 midterm elections show, “young-adult turnout surged by 188 percent in early voting compared with 2014,” as many were affected by this horrible decision from DeVos.

Credit: The Atlantic

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos took an enormous loss on Friday, with courts deciding that an Obama-era debt relief program for student loans must be observed for over $150 million worth of student loans.

The program was in place to assist students who'd gone to a school that would later shut its doors, misleading them into debt slavery.

Most For Profit Schools Are Ponzi Schemes

The growing costs of these types of facilities are causing many to avoid college altogether.

Students simply cannot afford the ridiculous burden placed on their lives in a world where taxation, regulation, and inflation makes the Federal Reserve Dollar near worthless compared to its original value.

DeVos has always been a questionable hire for Donald Trump, along with the shady cast of characters who accompanied her into the administration.

Lew Rockwell writes:
The inner circle of Trump advisors includes not just Betsy DeVos in the education propaganda department, but DeVos’s brother Erik Prince of Blackwater, Xe and Academi fame. Now owned by Constellis, the security services firm is bigger than ever, and Erik Prince has been advising the president, although according to him, not effectively. The sure to fail “new” policy in Afghanistan is already being blamed on McMaster and the generals. Hold that thought.

While many of the individuals pushing NeoCon policies against Trump's Nationalist agenda have been removed from power, DeVos remains.

Not only this, but DeVos has largely ignored the education system which is in dire need of an overhaul.

This last May, DeVos finally visited the nation's largest district but only visited Orthodox Jewish schools, sparking concerns that she has no idea how overcrowded and burdened classrooms actually are.

Credit: New York Post.

Not only is DeVos out of touch, but the African-American community doesn't trust her either, hurting Trump's efforts to win over new generations of voters.

In fact, Democrats won 90% of the African American Vote during midterms.

Credit: VSV

It's time after this failed policy of going after America's children as debt slaves that Betsy DeVos resign or be fired from the Department of Education.

She is no longer capable of providing Americans with the quality of life they're seeking through education and has failed the Trump Presidency in the process.

Betsy DeVos must go.

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Anonymous No. 92702 2018-12-15 : 02:39

She is a horrible person and prez Trump needs to get rid of her

Anonymous No. 92703 2018-12-15 : 03:50

What is with this ridiculous hit piece against Betsy DeVos?
She is doing a great job, not that you care.

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