By: Steve Dellar | 12-18-2018 | News
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Italy – Famous Nude Model Shock Arrest In Vatican

Infamous Playboy model Miss Marisa Papen is at it again. After being arrested in Egypt for indecent exposure at the pyramids, taking her clothes off at the Aya Sofia-mosque in Istanbul and letting herself be photographed in Jerusalem while posing naked at the Western Wall, this time she made a controversial shoot at Vatican city which also saw her getting arrested and spending a night in jail.

The photoshoot took place at the end of November, but Miss Papen did not tell the story of her adventures in Rome on her website until today. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she negotiates with a gallery that wants to organize an exhibition around her religious photo shoots FXCKRLGN ('Fuck Religion’).

With her recent photo shoot in the Vatican City, Miss Papen wants to expose the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church.
The report is the latest in the FXCKRLGN series, which also includes her photo shoots about Islam in Istanbul and Judaism in Israel. With the photos, the naked activist wants to "break down the walls around religion and encourage people to think for themselves and to see all the darkness that takes place around religion," she explains.

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For the FXCKRLGN photo shoots, Miss Papen worked with Australian photographer Jesse Walker, who she thinks is the perfect partner-in-crime for the controversial recordings. "We work so well together and are both so stress-resistant", it sounds, "it just works really well."

Papen produces her photo shoots completely herself. Together with Walker she takes care of all the props and chooses the locations herself. The giant wooden cross Walker built himself during a stay in Bali and he brought it to Rome for the shoot. But also the fake blood, priest robes, bibles, rosaries, thorn wreaths and even a black child Jesus were used for this project. "This photo shoot was a slightly larger production than I normally am used to, but I found it tremendously fascinating," she says.

On the third day of the Vatican photo shoot however, things went wrong when Miss Papen crouched naked on a pile of bibles in the early morning on St. Peter's Square. The police arrived and arrested the duo. They were put in a cell for ten hours and their AirBnB was searched. To their surprise, the agents found the bizarre props that the duo had prepared for the photo shoot.

In the end, Papen and Walker were allowed to go after the registration of their fingerprints and a mugshot. The duo was obliged to sign a document in Italian, of which no one could tell them in English what it contained. In retrospect, it appeared that they might still be called to appear before the Italian court for "obscene acts".

The next day the two were almost picked up again when a naked Marisa, only with a paternoster and a pair of red pumps, got out of a taxi, but they started running and could escape the police.


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Anonymous No. 92875 2018-12-18 : 09:02

Now thats just asking to get molested by a bunch of old farts dressed like wizards

Anonymous No. 92878 2018-12-18 : 10:06

Naaah, number one she's female, number 2 she's over the age of 12. Definitely not their type.

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